During the summer that 2006 I moved to Astoria, majesties with two of my best friends. I had a few hundred dollars in my bank account, no job, and a one month sublet. After a year of constant failure in the big Apple, ns retreated to west Massachusetts to lick mine wounds and also regroup. Unemployment and very down top top myself, I began a Blogger account and interviewed anyone who would give me the time of day.

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As a lifelong pan of MTV’s mid-90s lay out comedy present The State, I chose I would shot to interview all 11 cast members. If my project wasn’t a total success, I had the ability to interview ripe members that The State over the course of the next year. When I spoke to Ken Marino, whose recent successes incorporate appearances in HBO’s Eastbound & Down, Netflix’s reboot of Wet warm American Summer, the Goosebumps movie, and also several other interesting upcoming films, the was straightforward to speak to and hilarious. Diggers, which that wrote and also acted in, had just been released, and also he was working on Role Models and The Ten with David Wain. It to be an interesting time in his career and I am thankful I had actually the chance to record some that his storage of The State. Thank you Ken, for providing me a morale rise when i was desperate for one and also for sharing some gems native your at an early stage years in comedy.

“Louie was our rebellious attempt at saying, ‘Screw you, us don’t want to carry out recurring characters, so we’re walk to offer you one the can’t go anywhere.’”


Gino: when it to be recorded, The State’s album Comedy because that Gracious Living satellite on a shelf because that 14 years prior to being released. What to be it prefer making the record?

Ken Marino: It’s no our most brilliant work. It’s acquired some funny points on that though. Warner Brothers payment for us to go to the Bahamas and also record it. Castle didn’t actually pay us to go there. They just paid us, and we took the little bit the money we had and were like, “Instead of just spending this money ~ above beer at the Barrow Street Ale residence in Manhattan or our rent, stop go under to the Bahamas and also record it.” So us did. We were in the Bahamas for two weeks but we no make any kind of money top top the album. (Laughs)

“We take it the little bit of money we had and also were like, ‘Instead of simply spending this money ~ above beer in ~ the Barrow Street Ale home in Manhattan or ours rent, stop go down to the Bahamas and record it.’”

Gino: Well, at least you acquired to walk to the Bahamas for 2 weeks.

Ken Marino: It to be awesome, we had actually a great time. I don’t understand if it assisted the album. We were fifty percent drunk many of the time. Ns think the the skit with Joe and Showalter where you can actually listen the ice cream in the glass when they’re trying to go with the skit. Very professional.



Gino: I need to ask you where the Louie character come from. That’s one of the most renowned skits native The State.

Ken Marino: Louie come from MTV wanting united state to have recurring characters. Us didn’t want to do that in ~ first, therefore Louie was our rebellious effort at saying, “Screw you, us don’t want to perform recurring characters, therefore we’re going to provide you one the can’t walk anywhere.” The story behind Louie’s capture phrase is nice funny. It entails two look at unrelated things. David Wain supplied to pole his hands down his pants a lot, and also there to be a big jar that peanut butter that man Stewart left at my desk that I would eat. One day, David come over and opened the peanut butter, take it his hands the end of his pants, and also stuck his finger in mine peanut butter and started eating it. I was like, “Dave, why nothing you just dip your balls in it.” ns was a little upset. Ns think i screamed the at him.

We began saying, “I desire to dip mine balls in it.” So us thought, “Ah, how about that because that a catch phrase for our unusable recurring character.” we were going to do a recurring personality that never recurred. However it type of backfired, since MTV said, “Yeah, us love the guy, lug him back.” therefore we had actually to write much more sketches because that Louie, who was kind of a dead end character. However we actually wound up coming up v some an innovative stuff because that him. I think “Louie and also The last Supper” is the finest one. If MTV no ask us to lug it back, the wouldn’t have actually been a repeat character.



“I to be like, ‘Dave, why don’t you just dip your balls in it.’ ns was a small upset. Ns think ns screamed that at him.”

Gino: that’s a an excellent back story.

Ken Marino: Yeah, us really didn’t want to carry out recurring characters. Because that some factor we thought, “That’s too much like SNL. We don’t want to just do recurring characters. We want to perform situational stuff. Blah blah blah.” however then of food we ended up doing recurring characters, and also we liked them.

Gino: that’s funny, when I interviewed Kevin Allison, he said the very same thing about the kind of feeling you to be going for.

Ken Marino: Yeah, and we stuck to that. But we uncovered that we might do a recurring personality here and there. As soon as we began writing stuff, we realized if you used a great recurring character, you had a far better chance of acquiring your stuff on the show. If you brought back a character that was fine liked, opportunities are you will do have much more screen time. That added to the friendly competitiveness in ~ the group. We would constantly bargain v each other like, “Alright, I’ll give you this component if you offer me that component in her script.”

“What’s wonderful around The State is we didn’t rest up because we hated each other. Us just broke up because we no making any type of money and everyone had actually to go uncover a paycheck somewhere.”

Gino: because that such a big entity that broke up so long ago, it’s exceptional that everyone from The State is tho friends and also continues to job-related on projects together. Did you ever issue that the relationships with the other members would fizzle out?

Ken Marino: No. Ns didn’t worry around my personal relationship fizzling out since we made an effort to store in touch and they were every friends that mine. And professionally…because they were my friends, we continued to be in touch, and they were all talented. I knew us would continue to collaborate top top things. Fifty percent of the group lives in L.A. And fifty percent of the team lives in NYC, for this reason it’s no the most basic thing to gain the totality group together. However I nothing doubt that us will continue to occupational together in smaller groups if no as a totality for the remainder of our careers.

We have actually a bond and also a respect because that each other as performers. There is a trust within the group. I understand I can call up everyone in the group and know what ns going come get. For me, I would invite them into anything that I’m functioning on and also I think the emotion is mutual. Those wonderful about The State is us didn’t break up because we hated every other. We just damaged up due to the fact that we weren’t making any type of money and everyone had to go uncover a paycheck somewhere. However we’re every very good friends, and also that there is no changed.

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