I Wish tune Lyrics

Description:- ​​​​I Wish text Kodak black color are noted in this article. This is a brand-new song i m sorry is sang by famous Singer Kodak Black. This tune is from Back because that Everything album.

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This song will release on 22 February 2022.

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​​​​I Wish lyrics Kodak Black

Producer:– saved By Da Bell

Written:– Wille beam Norwood Jr., Rodney Jerkins, LaShawn Daniels, Freddie Jerkins, saved By Da Bell & Kodak Black

Label:– Sniper Gang records & Atlantic Records

I been watchin’ it up on a dronePull up, cockin’ it, target at his domeBust a right, I can never it is in wrongI’ma fight for the love that us onWhen us fuckin’ I never be ‘loneAnd I never go the same means homeWhen ns slide, gotta switch up the routeCan’t allow ’em follow Lil Snipe to the house

I wish I can stop thuggin’ because that realLeave the highways without me bein’ killedFor so long, ns been goin’ ~ above drillsDrinkin’ that lean, to water it straight out the sealI don’t care, it’s wherever we check out himPussy boy much better hide in the cribI don’t care if he out through his kid‘Cause the ain’t ‘posed to it is in outside, periodI wish I could stop blowin’ my bangerI wish ns could catch hold of my angerWith the gang and also we high, lit, dangerousScreamin’, “Let’s get it” and twistin’ ours fingersScreamin’, “Let’s obtain it” and everybody with itThey understand who acquire it lit in the bityThey recognize we acquire it lit in the cityPussy young cappin’, get hit in his fitted

Can’t nobody speak shit around SykThat mine brother, the wrong or the rightAnd ’bout Mac, i don’t wanna hear nothin’Even though he therefore goddamn uglyCall Riko, I know that the comin’That my Dirty, J Dirty mine cousinPlay through me, Lil CJ gon’ go dummyLil Robber won’t chill and just get to that moneyPoppin’ Percs, ns take 3 to the headI can’t focus, I keep seein’ redHave emotion I’m tryna suppressGet in motion, I’m tryna suppress (Yeah)That nigga switched the end on everybodyWhen I get him, i did that for the ‘jects (Yeah)G Mac and also Riko my stepbrothersAll of united state brothers and all of us gon’ stepGet the done and we go have actually some fun‘Til someone else say they want somethin’I’m a gangsta, got pardoned through TrumpBut I’m tho out below bustin’ my gunEven Poof to speak he checked out a lil’ bitchOn mine soul, I think in Lil ChrisAnd I hate I had dropped out with WizYou did what friend did, so ns did what ns didI don’t lie, yet I steal and also I killI great I can stop poppin’ this pillsHit his head and it drop on a wheelFresh the end of juvie I obtained me a dealTold my boy I won’t let no one death me‘Cause ns promised to take it him to DisneyIt’s a should I keep clutchin’ the semiShow in the O, however my room in KissimmeeI know everybody tell her I’m sillyBut i hope that she watch the best in meThink she feelin’ the kid favor I’m GillieLike she feelin’ the kid, like I’m yuhI’ma snipe, anybody obtain touchedIf it’s pressure, I’m stretchin’ friend outLast night we was vibin’ therefore toughShe fuckin’ through me, and also I’m fuckin’ with herI great we might run turn off somewhere niceOn a island, you wake up up my wifeHopefully, I can stop livin’ shiestyLike we back from the dead, let’s go start a brand-new life

I wish I might stop thuggin’ because that realLeave the roadways without me gift killedFor for this reason long, ns been goin’ on drillsDrinkin’ that lean, pour it directly out the sealI wish I could stop blowin’ mine bangerI wish i could capture hold of mine angerWith the gang and we high, lit, dangerousScreaming “Let’s obtain it” and also twistin’ our fingersScreaming “Let’s get it” and everybody v itThey know who obtain it lit in the bityThey know we gain it lit in the cityPussy boy cappin’, acquire hit in his fitted