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I"ve Only had Arlo for A Day and A Half is a memorable quote from Brooklyn Nine-Nine "s personality Rosa Diaz expressing her deep bond v her newly got puppy. The declare she make in this occasion has been used various times by net users together an immediate and also intensively hopeful reaction come a brand-new character, and also has periodically been provided as an exploitable depicting fictional characters" reactions to a new character or thing.


In January 19th, 2016, the 12th illustration of the 3rd season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, "9 Days",<1> was broadcast on Fox. In this episode, one of the subplots is composed of Rosa Diaz make the efforts to assist Charles Boyle cope v the loss of his dog Jason. At part point, she offers him a puppy called Arlo as a replacement, i m sorry Charles refuses, leaving Rosa through a dog. Close to the finish of the episode, the subplot get its outcome when Rosa organizes a surprised funeral ceremony for Jason, and gives a decided explaining just how adopting Arlo made her truly realize the reason for Charles"s mourning:

When Jason died, 7 days ago, i didn"t offer a rat"s ass. Since I didn"t recognize why people care so much about their dumb dogs… until I obtained a dumb dog myself. I"ve only had Arlo because that a day and a half, but if anything happened to him, I would certainly kill everyone in this room and then myself. Charles, I"m sorry. You don"t have to gain over it. Take it as long as friend want.

The earliest still-existing resource for this speech on the net is a TVGag page<2> with 4 MP4 videos indigenous Jason"s funeral, the last two of i m sorry containing the infamous quote. The oldest image containing the complete sentence is a Gif from a currently deactivated Tumblr account<3>.


The earliest parody that the scene days from march 23rd, 2017, when user mam Pererine, ~ above the website Oro Jackson, a site dedicated to the shonen One Piece, posted the quote as two subtitled shots, v Sir Crocodile"s face photoshopped ~ above Rosa"s<5>, together a reference to the opened illustration of the thing 860.


Starting native 2017, numerous Tumblr write-ups started using this quote to define the relationship in between two fictitious characters. On in march 31st, influenced by a now deleted post<6> from the Tumblr blog untrue BHNA Quotes, Tumblr user help-how-do-i-name-my-blog posted a photoshopped variation of the scene v Todoroki Shouko as Rosa and Midoriya Izuku together Arlo<7> (shown below, left), commenting: "their article competition connection in a nutshell". Top top July 21st, Tumblr user Conejos uploaded a comparable fanart<8> of Fat Gum and also Kirishima Eijirou, quiet from the shonen my Hero Academia (shown below, right).

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On July 28th, 2017, Tumblr user crystalzenaida uploaded a variation of the scene<9> v Feh, an owl who shows up in the video game Fire Emblem Heroes, appearing as Arlo, with this comment: "They provided the Borb a voice. She should be protected." This is the first of plenty of occurrences of this meme whereby Arlo is the only one photoshopped together a fictional character, and the uploader is implied come relate to Rosa. This is just how the picture was mostly used popularly v the announcement of Pokémon Sword and also Shield in 2019. For example, Tumblr user pixelpulp make art with Scorbunny after ~ the Ppkémon to be announced in the style of the template, getting over 900 notes (shown below, right).