Nowadays, league the legends, the MOBA of riot Games, is definitely one the the most famous games on the globe; the is not uncommon for also those who perform not play it to understand the assorted characters and also elements. One wonders why all this. In fact, anyone who is passionate around PC Gaming knows Katarina"s "two great talents", however no one has the little idea that Slardar indigenous DOTA 2 is (excluding players). The mystery of this success is come be discovered precisely within the character architecture of LoL, since it is the personalities who make the video game known and not angry versa.

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, having been conceived as the characters "to the Japanese" together they say, or through that typical oriental characterization the the characters that provides them seem practically like the protagonists of one anime, also if their interactions are decreased to a minimum choose in a MOBA. So let"s walk to reveal exactly how this characterization has actually helped league of Legends and above all: Do the champions belong much more to the computer animation or videogame universe? Let"s uncover out together!


A connection without words

Anyone who plays it knows. In league of Legends, Champions have a very restricted list the voice interactions they repeat transparent the game and only in some situations do they have actually some distinct ones. For this reason one wonders: "Why space these personalities able come bond so lot with the player?". An excellent question. The systems is concealed in two elements of the character: appearance and voice. Let"s analysis this last element. The sentences spoken by the characters, with their certain tone, are well studied; castle are ideas that embody the an extremely essence of the Champion, v a ton that shows their mood. Thanks to these 2 characteristics, it is possible to understand the mood of the character and his character. Katarina"s “Violence solves everything”, express in the mocking tone of hers, offers the nature that a killer-warrior who feels over everyone else; top top the contrary, Lux"s “We space superior in tactics” gives the idea that ​​a young yet determined wizard, that doesn"t desire to boast of her superiority, yet thinks of her teammates and team. All these qualities define the communication of the characters; this attribute is taken native the computer animation sagas: anyone who listens come Goku"s voice will certainly perceive it as a friendly voice, if Freeza"s tone automatically makes us know that that is an angry being.


Appearance matters

Who remembers the very first trailers that the new Champions? nearly everyone ns think. For the uninitiated, the very first trailers to be not an easy cinematics together in the instance of Ekko, yet real 3D anime short films. Plenty of users approached the video game by see their very own these videos, which gift the characters, also if there is no words, with their own style and charisma, fascinating. From Rengar"s cruelty come Leona"s altruism, every of lock communicates a feeling, an feel of the own, as likewise mentioned in the previous paragraph. Whereby is the genius the Riot gamings in these choices? In let united state see that atmosphere that us know very well in ~ play however from a various perspective; noticing, in the end nothing different happens in all the videos indigenous what us ourselves perform in the Summoner"s Rift. An ally team, an opponent team, a battleground with certain hiding places, 4 skills. Listed below you will discover the many beautiful quick film made by Riot gamings in mine opinion, “A brand-new Dawn”!

A conductive plot?

After these premises, let"s gain to ours point: Could league of Legends be an anime? The answer is neither yes nor no. The characters are perfect: charismatic, psychologically well defined, attractive; even the settings are there, simply count the urban of the people of Runeterra to realize that the atmospheres are not lacking. However, the problem remains one, and also it is the facet that penalizes this possibility: the vastness that stories, characters and also events. The characters are as well many, the story behind them are too many: it would certainly be possible a depiction that talks about the story of Noxus and also the increase to power of Swain (of which over there is an amateur comic in Korean), as well as the war in between the abovementioned city and also Demacia would be a nice beginning point; Unfortunately, however, these are barely 5-7% of the champions and, in the instance of characters like Ahri, Ezreal or Nautilus, that have completely lonely and also poorly characterized stories, that is impossible to insert them right into a similar context.

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Drawing conclusions, league of Legends is a video clip game that absolutely has an oriental animation setting, through perfectly curated and also defined characters and stories., but unfortunately, together we well know, the also crippled: the stories room too divided between them, much away, with various settings, different relationships and an finish in themselves. The current "sub-stories", if we desire to specify them, are roughly 20, fully separate from each other, even if all beautiful. One more problem continues to be there "Lore" and also the possibilities of translate that space left come the player, because many aspects have no been voluntarily defined. We hope the the decision made by our oriental comrades will likewise be invited by our dear Riot, who is very much in contact with the video game community. Unfortunately, the idea that ​​an anime is fairly unlikely, but who knows that in the future, provided the success that videogame-themed cinematography is suffering lately, miscellaneous cannot all of sudden come out!