Indeed Assessments?Indeed is great in part instances but in its entirety there is one huge problem v Indeed. The Assessments





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Hello! Anyone here that has completed an assessment with have actually you noticed if it provides you prompt feedback that your responses space correct?

After ns submit my response, I see a rapid blue checkmark v a article that could be taken a few different methods — keep going, good job, indeed! yet some nothing flash the checkmark but it might be because of my connection hanging. Follow to Indeed’s FAQ because that employers, candidates can’t view their score but it doesn’t address individual questions.

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ello! did you do it been invite by (redacted) to finish an assessment for your job application.

Completing this will aid you stand out from the crowd and show off her skills!

Question Format

Multiple Choice, Fill-in-the-Blank

Estimated Time to Complete

6 minutes

This assessment will certainly test:

- Programming & IT

Be conscious that this assessment is timed, and you i will not ~ be able to readjust your prize on a question after the submitted.few of this so called assessments.

After applying for a few Jobs i noticed these so referred to as assessments.

OF course certainly is most likely pitching how they will have a good filter because that qualified candidates


My expertise is that these are solutions that are offered (for a benefit of course) come employers by indeed.

Personally, I will no longer be doing these. The job industry is nasty sufficient as the is and also I don’t need this bullshit to more waste my priceless time.

One digital User write “If an employer does not see enough value in mine application and my resume (which has my call information) and decides to “automate” one of the most important locations of researching project candidates, then that shows to me that this employer and his/her respective agency is a waste of mine time.”


These space profit seeking gimmicks the capitalize on providers with individuals who room not capable of making task hiring decisions based upon qualifications and interpersonal communication.

It’s time come look ~ above, Ziprecruiter, even Craigslist.

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and various other sites ns am an ext than happy come answer inquiries via email or phone

IF the employee is ready to invest their time, however this is just ridiculous. It’s yet another means of attempting to gain something because that nothing, which is apparently the just thing that company revolves around these days. Crap that.


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