A collapse clock tower holds contents from an old artifact. Upon exploration of the components, competing agents look to launch explorations to uncover extr components scattered throughout distant places—and times. The now-lost temple of Moloch and the construction site that the legend Tomb of Horrors space two that those locations. However great the risks, recognize the components demands the effort, because that whoever walk so have the right to reassemble the fabled Infernal an equipment of Lum the Mad!For characters 5th-10th level.This adventure explores 2 dungeon locations and includes new monsters, magic items, plus new artifact powers submitted by the player community!Further featuring new art, maps (from Claudio Pozas), cartoon (from Jason Thompson), also an Adventurers league cert because that a new trinket—and every monies that Wizards that the coast receives from sales that this PDF room donated to Extra Life.Your purchase of this adventure goes to a truly an excellent cause!About Extra Life:Extra Life unites thousands of gamers around the human being to play games in support of their local Children"s wonder Network Hospital. Because its start in 2008, Extra Life has raised much more than $30 million because that sick and injured kids. Sign up today and also dedicate a job of play for youngsters in your community!
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Re: Infernal an equipment Rebuild

Postby Big Mac » Mon Nov 18, 2019 6:09 pm

I never knew this existed, yet Fsommos.netotten Realms has actually an article on the machine of Lum the Mad.That argues it has actually been consisted of in:Dungeon Master"s Guide (1e)Book that Artifacts (2e)* = Planescape: Torment apparently just references the item.I don"t know if there are an ext D&D commodities (not associated with fsommos.netet Realms) that affix to the machine of Lum the Mad.EDIT: D&D beyond said top top Twitter, the they will placed up the contents from this adventure, as shortly as castle can.
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Re: Infernal machine Rebuild

Postby ripvanwormer » Tue Nov 19, 2019 10:13 pm

Big Mac wrote: ↑Mon Nov 18, 2019 6:09 pmI don"t recognize if over there are more D&D products (not connected with fsommos.netotten Realms) that attach to the device of Lum the Mad.
The 2e adventure Vortex the Madness to be largely around Lum"s Machine.There are other references here: https://ghwiki.greyparticle.com/index.php/Lum_the_Mad
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