Transplanting marijuana plants can be one of the trickiest components of cultivation cannabis. It might seem overwhelming, but when appropriately researched it deserve to be done through ease by just around anyone.

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Once her plants have created a stable root system, castle are ready for a period of significant foliage growth.

So what makes transplanting cannabis so important? What would even happen if friend didn’t perform it? In this article, we will answer those questions, and also will dive right into the adhering to topics:

If you nothing transplant her plants over time they can get rootbound. Rootbound method that the roots have actually grown every the method around the edges and bottom that the container since it is nog large enough. Your plant will not grow any an ext until girlfriend transplant it come a larger container.

The adhering to symptoms are indications that your plant is rootbound:

Stunted GrowthStretchingSmaller and slower bud productionNeeds watering also oftenWiltingRed stems
Roots have wrapped about the edges and also growing upwards. Classic signs the a rootbound plant. 420mag

The appropriate time to transplant your cannabis plants is once they have an established, sturdy root device in place. This is the instance when the roots grow out of the bottom that the pot. The plant is ready to emphasis its energy on vegetative growth now, so it needs to be moved to a larger container.

Note: Marijuana tree need roughly 2 gallons of soil for every foot of growth… check out all about it in my thrive Guide.

You will should educate yourself around how to carry out this properly, due to the fact that making even a little mistake during the procedure could have a disastrous effect. You will also have come carefully pick where you are going to put your cannabis plants permanently come live out their adult lives.

Transplanting cannabis plants at this phase is constantly necessary, nevertheless of just how you sprouted her plants to start with. They just cannot flourish if they room grown in containers for their entirety lives, so you cannot protect against the transplantation process. The best method to deal with this is with research and also planning.

Check for roots. Image from Bergmans laboratory
Carefully eliminate from pot. Picture from Bergmans laboratory
Transplant to larger pot. Image from Bergmans Lab

So what could happen if you make a mistake if transplanting her cannabis plants? your plants might go into shock, i m sorry might reason their pipeline to revolve yellow and then wither, lastly dying and dropping turn off the plant altogether. In some much more serious cases, the tree itself might actually die from the trauma.

While risky, transplanting her plants will have an overwhelmingly positive effect (when done responsibly). The will assist speed increase the maturing process of the plant while at the same time requiring also less hands-on care from you together the grower. In summary, it’s fine worth the risk and also hassle in the end.

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Indoor or out transplanting?

Before start the transplanting process, you will an initial need come make part decisions about your permanent thrive site. The place is everything, together it will recognize your three plants’ farming environment (and, therefore, their price of success) as well as your very own security.

If girlfriend want much more control over the atmosphere in which your plants space growing, you might be interested in setting up a permanent flourish site indoors. With this method, friend can grow all her plants in larger separate containers of some type (check this containers).

Whether you choose indoor or the end growing, you deserve to buy high-quality seed from my seed shop.

Transplanting marijuana indoors

This have the right to be a an excellent way to ensure the wellness of your plants because you would manage every element of your lives. Top top the other hand, farming your cannabis plants indoors will likewise require you to usage a lot an ext money, time, and effort. Even if it is it is light, food, water, temperature or ventilation, you will have to provide it yourself.For growers ~ above a spending plan or who choose a more natural an approach of growing, setting up a grow site outdoors can make the most sense. It prices much less in both money and effort.

Transplanting marijuana plants outdoors

That being said, with this technique it is even an ext important to pick the right prosper site for your plants, due to the fact that it will have a significant effect top top both the environment about your plants, as well as your own an individual security. It will should be a safe place with straightforward access, where you deserve to ensure safety and security for both yourself and your three plants.

When come transplant

The simple idea behind transplanting at a particular time is to perform it once your plants’ roots have reached as far as they can grow within the border of your container. Root actually often tend to prosper further and faster once they room enclosed in a container; it’s nearly as if they space eager to with open room as shortly as possible.


Strangely enough, roots that are currently planted straight into the ground do not prosper with the exact same amount that urgency. For this reason what wake up if you leave her plants in a container for also long? The price is simple: they’ll just stop farming altogether.

Containers are not the just thing guilty of bring about such a an answer in the plant. Peat plugs deserve to do the same thing due to the fact that their mesh perimeter generally acts as a hindrance come the roots, and also they stop cultivation as if lock were contained in a plastic pot. This will reason them to stop growing as well.

Once your cannabis plants have sprouted, 2 leaves that space oblong in shape will start to be visible. These are dubbed cotyledons and they come out from the one small stem that will pop up from the soil. They don’t resemble the easily recognized marijuana leaves, however after just a couple of days they will certainly drop off and normal marijuana leaves will certainly emerge. This reflects you that your plants are start their seedling phase of life.


Plants in this phase are still relatively small in size, but their root will start to grow and develop into a appropriate root system. This system, despite nicely developed, is still quite fragile.

You can not yet move your plants while they are in your seedling phase, yet do ensure the they have plenty the light and also water (or just moisture in the soil). The seedling phase deserve to be in between two and also six mainly long. Read exactly how to grow strong plants all set to transplant

So how can you determine the time once your plants are all set for transplantation?

Doing that too at an early stage would be terrible for her tender seedlings, so you need to act through caution. As soon as you suddenly are seeing faster growth of leaves and also a firmer stem. You can test the firmness that the stem by grabbing it through your hand (gently) there is no doing any type of damage come it. If this things space happening to your young plants, they have actually officially entered the vegetative development stage of your life.


You can, of course, begin the farming season a bit earlier by making use of peat plugs. This is best for growers who are located in climates where the growing season is naturally shorter.

If you carry out go v peat plugs, make sure you are constantly aware the the mesh perimeters and also whether root tendrils are emerging from underneath them. As quickly as you watch this girlfriend will have to transplant the seedlings right into a enlarge container or else into the ground outdoors. If girlfriend don’t, the development of her plant might remain stunted forever.

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How to transplant

The very first thing you should do when transplanting her plants to a new, permanent ar is to choose a spot because that it. There room three species of locations that you can pick between.

The very first one is an indoor ar that can be accessed through ease, however is not quickly noticed by other people. A 2nd option would be to move your tree outdoors, where countless of the valuable resources they need come in ~ no cost to you. The third option is a sort of indoor-outdoor hybrid: you can move your plants to larger containers, yet in turn move these containers outdoors temporarily.

During the an initial 3 main of flower root-binding can seriously decrease your yield. The buds and also leaves wont proceed to grow due to the fact that the plant i do not know grow brand-new roots to support them.

If you are most concerned around the discovery of your plants, the 3rd option could be for you since it method that friend will have the ability to quickly relocate your chop in situation of detection. It additionally works fine for moving your plants far from pests.

Out of the three options, moving your plants from one container to another is most most likely the simplest and most straightforward option available to you.

No matter what option you select to go with, there room a couple of key factors to your effective transplantation. An initial and most obviously, you have to make sure that brand-new soil (whether in the ground or in containers) is fully prepared prior to you begin the transplantation process.


Pictures powered by:

If girlfriend are relocating the tree into new pots, make certain that every pot is 4 gallons in ~ the really smallest if it’s their long-term container. If you space going to relocate your plants to an out location, merely dig a hole that is a couple of inches greater in size than the pots that your plants have been living in hence far. Make certain to have piles of dug up soil roughly the hole as well, so the you deserve to push it back in when you have actually completed the move.

You have to actually store the tree in the soil the they have already been growing since it will mitigate the quantity of shock that it undergoes, and will rather ease your plant into its brand-new environment. If you have grown her plants in ~ a closet till now, lock are specifically susceptible come shock, for this reason be specifically cautious.

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The next factor that you should pay fist to is the problem of the soil the your tree are currently living in. It needs to it is in moist but not wet, and also not dry sufficient to crumble. The most crucial thing is that your soil sticks together during the transplantation, keeping the shape of its original container (wiki top top transplanting).