The brand-new Season 6 SP-R 208 Marksman Rifle is exceptionally powerful, but players are noticing a absence of cartridge drop with specific ammo.

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sp-r 208 marksman rifle
Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6 started a few days ago, adding new challenges, multiplayer maps, video game modes, weapons, and also more. Favor previous Call the Duty: Warzone Battle Passes, two new weapons are accessible for totally free at details tiers. The brand-new SP-R 208 Marksman Rifle can be unlocked for totally free at tier 15 and the AS-VAL can be unlocked in ~ tier 31. The brand-new Season 6 weapons have end up being instantly popular, but bugs may be making lock overpowered.

The SP-R 208 Marksman Rifle is incredibly accurate, yet that might be as result of a pest that removes bullet drop. As of now, the SP-R 208 has no cartridge drop once using one of two people the .300 Norma Mags or the .338 Lapua Mags, meaning that any type of shot fired walk in a right line. With no cartridge drop, players have the right to hit something the reticle is pointed at. However, the SP-R 208 does have a slight border to its range.

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as soon as using the alternate ammo, the SP-R 208 has actually a maximum selection of around 410 meters even without cartridge drop. According to Youtube user "TheXclusiveAce," the bullet disappears ~ 410 meters. As shown in a demonstration, a player in Warzone was able to aim directly at an adversary head in ~ 404 meters and hit the shot. Back the Verdansk Warzone map is massive, 4oo meters is still a substantial variety for any kind of weapon.

On top of the bullet drop bug, the SP-R 208 additionally has the same headshot multiplier as sniper rifles and also the Kar98k, which makes it one of the many versatile and an effective long-range weapons. Through the SP-R 208"s headshot multiplier, it is possible to under a player with full health and also armor in Warzone as lengthy as their is no walls in the way. However, if walls are a problem, the other Season 6 weapon, the AS-VAL has actually a pest that removes any damage drop-off v walls, definition players can hit wall bangs across any map.

Season 6 presented a couple of bugs, including one that resulted in Modern Warfare and also Warzone video game crashes, yet was addressed with a hotfix almost immediately. The overpowered Season 6 tools are causing some uproar in the community, so that is expected that this bug will be addressed soon. Until then, football player may uncover themselves obtaining shot v walls or hit with a headshot in ~ 400 meters.

also if the bugs space addressed, the Season 6 weapons room a viable alternative in any type of situation and have attachments that can drastically adjust combat capabilities. Season 6 is filled v content including the new weapons, the enhancement of 4 multiplayer maps, rotating playlists and an upcoming Halloween event.

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Call of Duty: Warzone is easily accessible on PC, PS4, and also Xbox One.

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