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It ain"t nothing to reduced that bitch offIt ain"t nothing to cut that bitch offSo what you saying ho?You recognize I"m the male ho?Nothing but a bird I"mma leave you whereby you stand, hoHeard you acquired a guy hoHope he know thoughYou ain"t nothing but a creeper baby, I"m simply saying, thoughSaying, thoughIt ain"t nothing to cut that bitch offIt ain"t nothing to reduced that bitch offCreeping top top the low, expect your male don"t seeShe will certainly bust it down for some damn Lime-A-RitasChew me like some bubblegum, something like RasheedaGotta obtain my companion some, she on me prefer AdidasBaby, girlfriend can"t hold back, better stop flexing favor you notYour man tryna patrol then i guess that is a copBut he yes, really can"t cuff if the busting in ~ my spotBut i done had enough cause you making my shit hotBlowing up a nigga phone, what i tell yo ass "bout that?Tryna organize something, hold my nuts, deserve to you do that?Can friend play about with that mouth while the hit that from the back?You can"t to speak nothing now reason we every been v that, through thatYou understand that ain"t a real bag bitch, that"s a knock offWhen I obtain that job-related I acquire to juggin" like warm sauceAll swimmin pool lakefrontHit it from the back, rearrange she lace frontStuntin", tattoos on my neck and also on my kidneyIf i don"t choose that ho I revolve her ass into a frisbeeIf ns don"t favor your diss, I revolve that ho into a frisbeeI throw it out ideal by it"s windyThree cellphones and every one of "em jumpin"I have the right to see your hoes and also all em" nothingYeah I"m a don don", Don Cheadle, Don CorneliusWatch the Dom spillPockets fat as Don Carter Jeter, nigga, excellent deal!Baby I"m ashamed, why you exhilaration this way?Heard she "bout that action, you can carry her this wayHit her on yo mattress, do you feel some form of wayPass her to my migos, castle gonna bust it, ¡Andale!Please don"t pat no games cause I know that"s what you likeKnock it out the frame, baby girl, it"s alrightYeah the pussy bomb, i just call it dynamiteYou ready? below I come, I have the right to do this shit every night