It’s tough to imagine anything steal the scene from the likes that SPCA of Texas chairman James Bias, celebrity pet lover Jocelyn White or charity Jan Rees-Jones, but dang that if Rayna didn’t Saturday night at the official purple ribbon-cutting that the SPCA of Texas’ january Rees-Jones pet Care Center.

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The turnout for the much-anticipated facility opened was so good that valet parkers discovered themselves panting. One guest provided up wait for a parker, got out that his car, walked as much as a valet, handed that the keys and also headed to the gathering.

But girlfriend couldn’t blame the fella. After every there was a lot of to check out –state-of-the-art ford for separation, personal, instance animals, a gift shop, the Myron K. Martin Spay-Neuter and also Wellness Clinic, the Rees-Jones structure Humane education Center and a public call center.

At an initial some folks to be a tiny surprised to watch so numerous empty rooms doing not have dogs. The reason was that the SPCA had embraced out “30 that the 40 dog on the floor” previously in the day, and their replace instead instead hadn’t been moved in yet.

Jan Rees-Jones

As the group started congregating for the ribbon-cutting, Trevor Rees-Jones leaned versus a tower watching the festivities. He to be happy to stay in the background while mam Jan to be the lady that the hour for the dedication of the structure bearing her name.

James Bias

First come speak was James, who told the team that had such pet fans together Jack Knox, Diane and also Hal Brierley, Carmaleta Whiteley, Skip Trimble and Kristina Bowman the the new facility “allows united state to save pets from suffering in a much, lot bigger way.”

As Rayna complained in the background, James go on to recognize SPCA of Texas Chairman the the board Rugger Burke (“He’s more than likely in the gift shop, looking for something to buy for his dog, Peaches”), plank member Mary Spencer (who “was on the board once I started volunteering”), an elderly VP of operations Ann Barnes (“She’s most likely cleaning the kennels somewhere”) and facility internal designer and architect Gus Hinojosa and also general contractor Hill & Wilkinson (“It take it them a if to know what we want to do, however we ‘clicker-trained’ them!”).

Jocelyn White

Then James introduced Jocelyn, who had been the driving force behind the capital campaign. Without hesitation and also beaming with pride, Joce added that lock still had a couple of hundred thousand dollars come go, “so if you have a few spare thousand dollars. . . Operators space standing by.”

Speaking that funding, Jocelyn described how the Rees-Jones foundation had offered $2 because that every dollar increased . . . As much as $4 million. In ~ one suggest in she talk, she acknowledged Rayna’s continued background rattling about getting on through the show.

Matriarch of the Rees-Jones clan was dubbed then come the stage. With notes in hand and also resorting to pulling the end her reading glasses, jan told the crowd that “we ourselves are the adoptive parental of a precious small adopted pet. . . I hope will become a model for cities roughly the world due to the fact that there is nothing else like this.”

David Rees-Jones

Despite Rayna’s complaints about the size of the proceedings, jan left the stage to obtain a huge hug from her child David.

But that didn’t last long. Jan was called back on phase to reduced the purple ribbon adhered to by orders native James, “You every go have actually fun.”


Finally, Rayna was satisfied. After ~ all, all this human activity was preventing the three-year-old, 9.2-pound Chihuahua in a adjacent pod from finding a brand-new home.

UPDATE: inspect Jocelyn’s comment about Rayna.

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