Angelina is in ~ a crossroads. Things with chris aren"t any far better since the gender-reveal powder-gun mishap in the Poconos. She wants to make her marriage work, though, and is setup their 2nd anniversary as a make-it-or-break-it meeting -- A date that simply happens come coincide through the next huge family trip. Lucky for Angelina, she has the girls to lean on. And also a surprised visit from a pets psychic offers her part much-needed perspective...from she animals. And also what would a family vacation it is in if she didn"t uncover time to battle with Vinny?

With brand-new baby Cameron"s arrival, Deena is finally not pregnant on a family vacation, and also she"s ready to go hard, specifically now that her meatball Snooki is back. Together the family"s party planner in chief, Deena has a lot of of activities in save for the group on their trip to the Florida Keys. Deena even surprises herself when she out-pranks Pauly! but be warned: She’s no taking crap native anyone on this vacation.

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Newly engaged, Jenni and Zack are starting to talk around a destination wedding -- if only they could agree on which destination! Meanwhile, in one unexpected collection of events, Jenni finds herself acquisition on the role of divorce professional for Angelina, and also in an even an ext bizarre twist, acquisition on the role of godmother come Mike. Yes, Mike.

When baby Sitch arrives, Mike is actors in his most crucial and an overwhelming role yet: first-time dad. However as he and Lauren arrangement Romeo"s christening, Mike can"t find any evidence that his own baptism. And also so "The Blessification" is born -- complete with a gospel choir and also an unexpected choice of godparents. Come celebrate his next milestone (the end of his probation), Mike plans a big international vacation for the fam, just to be disappointed to discover upon arrival that the Florida tricks are, in fact, tho in the unified States.

Snooki is back, and also FOMO is real. Through Deena ready to rage, the meatballs (plus Angelina) room out in full force. This expedition to the tricks is actually the an initial time in years that the girls room all together, and no one is pregnant. And Giovanna, Snooki"s mini-me, is along for her an initial family vacation and ready come party prefer a seven-year-old through the various other kids.

The clubs are open, and Pauly can"t wait to get ago on the road DJ-ing, however he has actually a big decision to make. He and also his girl Nikki uncovered love in a quarantine world, but life on tourism is non-stop. Is it ideal for the relationship to lug her v him... Or not? Plus, Pauly is honored as soon as Mike asks him to play vital role in his "Blessification." Afterall, gift crowned godfather is everything in this family.
A couple of months in L.A. Proves come be enough for Vinny, and also homesickness start to collection in, so the girls decide come fly out to surprise him. Yet when they gain there, they"re the persons who room surprised. Plus, beanie gets all in his feelings after ~ he"s passed over because that the project of Mike"s godfather, but in pure beanie style, he quickly embraces his "the not-godfather" status. But he and Angelina space still at every other, so all is best with the world.

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"Single Ronnie" is solitary no more. He has actually a new girlfriend, Saffire, and also he can’t wait because that his roommates to meet her in the Poconos. Meanwhile he’s help his friend vinny look for houses in L.A.