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- Joe, what"s the matter? Don"t I revolve you on?

- ns don"t understand what the difficulty is.

- Well, would certainly it assist if girlfriend went earlier to thinkin" I"m your sister?

- choose I"m some kind of white-trash perv?

- I"m her sister! I"m your sister!

- Oh, you"re my sister!

- Oh, no!

- I"m kiddin", I"m kiddin". I simply made the last part up because that laughs, you guys, I"m tellin" you.

- Let"s break it turn off for today.

- girlfriend haul your mangy ass in here tomorrow morning, and we will continue the fascinating saga that I"m now referring to together The Legend the Dirty Joe.

- Hi, this is Brandy. I"m not below right now. Please leaving a message.


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Well, that might be your problem. It"s not what you like. It"s the consumer.
You view that moon? you don"t know how numerous nights I invested alone staring at that moon wonder if in ~ that specific moment, my mom or mine dad to be looking in ~ the exact same moon. And for that short second, us were together again, type of, friend know?
Do the again, I"ll stab girlfriend in the confront with a soldering iron.
I just didn"t know you to be in this witness protection thing, brother. I never ever would have actually said her name top top TV, man.
This is a business. This is not a charity. Probably one work UNICEF will acquire into the impound business. Yet until then, we"re the civilization to see.
Joe dirt (2001) Sound Clip


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Actors: David Spade (Joe Dirt), Brittany Daniel (Brandy), Dennis fearbut (Zander Kelly), Christopher take walk (Clem)

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