They’ve to be making headlines again lately.

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First was when actress Angelica Panganiban post a photo of it s her hanging through the swimming swimming pool which netizens thought was actually part of man Lloyd Cruz’ house.Many assumed the the Banana Sundae star has been frequenting the house of her former flame.They were also seen together in actress Julia Montes’ intimate birthday dinner at her home arranged by Angelica it s her in may of this year.

Just recently, the rumor mills are when again rife v speculation as Angelica Panganiban and also John Lloyd Cruz were spotted with each other at a hotel in Ortigas. The question is, have actually they reconciled again and also are keeping their relationship much more private this time around?


The celebrity couple rumor mill is always churning. While it’s greatly tittle-tattle, there are particular romance ‘news’ item that are somehow obvious even there is no the require for confirmation. Such is the case of ex-lovers Angelica Panganiban and John Lloyd Cruz.

It remained in the month of might 2016 that Angelica has opened up publicly around her separation up through John Lloyd. At the time, she couldn’t held back her tears once she was interviewed by vice Ganda in an illustration of “Gandang Gabi Vice.” They’ve been with each other for 4 years and also it’s no hoax to placed it all aside.

Months ~ that, Angelica claimed that even if castle parted ways, she still it s okay to speak to john Lloyd from time come time. And also since they claimed that love is lovely the second time around, it could just fine be Angelica and John Lloyd’s fate. The ex-couple’s photos walk viral last week as soon as they were spotted together in a hotel what in Ortigas critical Sunday.

Kapamilya stars Angelica and also John Lloyd room still mum about their connection status. Probably they simply wanted to keep their privacy this time roughly since they’ve to be so open up with regards to their relationship before. That doesn’t really take a genius to understand what’s walk on between the 2 celebrities.

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In may of this year, castle were likewise seen with each other in Julia Montes’ personal party to visit by her friends. The said party to be arranged and also organized by Angelica herself. And also John Lloyd was among the guests. Angelica likewise had photos of it s her hanging out what numerous people think was man Lloyd’s swimming swimming pool at his home last summer.