-by Joyce Meyer

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God wants us to have actually joy in the midst of our ordinary, everyday lives—even on the worst job of our life.It take it me a many years to number this out, however I now know that the an extremely best means to begin my day is by providing thanks come God because that what He"s done for me, and asking Him exactly how I can be a blessing to various other people.There to be times in my life once I dreaded encountering each day. Every I might think around was mine circumstances—wondering exactly how Dave and I were going to salary the bills or get whatever done that we required to do. Sometimes I want to traction the covers end my head and also just stay in bed.I to be so wrapped up in issue that i was missing the point: God had developed a brand-new day, and also He want me to enjoy it.

Achieving one A+ AttitudeEvery solitary day is filled through all kinds of cases that might upset you—things like shedding your car keys or getting recorded in a traffic jam. Yet you can pick to be at peace and also in control.God doesn"t have to create challenging situations because that us, however He will use them to build our character.When you and I take it our minds turn off ourselves and our circumstances, and put our emphasis on God and loving others, we space embracing an attitude that will carry honor come Him.No matter what happens during our lifetime, we deserve to be sure that God is working every little thing out for our good. Setting Realistic ExpectationsAnother thing I"ve learned is that you cannot counting on someone rather to do you happy. You should take responsibility for your very own happiness.There was a time when I would certainly feel sorry for myself if Dave visited play golf the day after one of our large conferences. I wanted him to walk shopping or watch a movie through me. However God showed me that us have different ways the relaxing and also unwinding.By maintaining our expectations of each various other "real," we deserve to be free to carry out what us really enjoy. Placing God and Others First

When you feeling discouraged around yourself or your circumstances, remember that God do you and loves you simply the way you are. He is leading you to where you"re an alleged to be.

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And He is going to be v you every step of the way.I encourage friend to spend time every morning focusing on the good things God has done in your life. Think about the dangers and also difficulties He"s lugged you through, the methods He"s cure you and changed you, and also how good it is to recognize He cares because that you and hears her prayers.When you learn to set your mental on God each morning, He"ll provide you all the peace and joy you should love rather every solitary day of your life.