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Synonyms: Redo the Healer, The Redo that a healing Magician: Transcendental heal of Instant fatality Magic and also Skill Copying
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Synopsis"Healing magicians can not fight alone."Keare, who was bound by this common knowledge, to be exploited again and again by others. But one day, he i found it what might lay past healing magic, and was convinced that a healing magician to be the strongest class. However, by the moment he establish its full potential, he to be deprived of everything. Thus, he supplied healing magic on the world itself to go back four years, deciding come redo everything...(Source: Novel Updates, edited)


Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi: Sokushi Mahou to ability Copy no Chouetsu Heal started as a web novel ~ above Shousetsuka ni Narou December 29, 2016. The an initial official volume was released on July 1, 2017 by Kadokawa under the Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko label.


i feel choose I'm reading Onision's fantasy whereby he gets ago at all the world who made funny of him because that failing at Airforce straightforward Training.It feels like a self insert rape fantasy where the writer is trying to justify everything the protagonist does since he was treated as a slave. The dude deadass brainwashes a girl and also turns her into his sex slave.HE FUCKING DEADASS calls HIS PARTY MEMBERS HIS "Toys." and also FOR THEM come FUCKING power UP THEY need to TAKE THE MC'S COOM come LEVEL UP.I feeling so uncomfortable once I'm reading this, what the fuck is this me insert loser bullshit.
certainly not because that everyone. If you want a key character that is maybe a "good person" or you have a problem with rape being portrayed, move along, this one isn't because that you. Top top the various other end, if you're in search of over the optimal gore, this one peaks on that front after ~ the very first chapter. Yet if you're prefer me and also just gain watching an over the optimal chaotic evil character v OP powers obtain sadistic revenge against the people who wronged him and also building a thematically ideal harem in the process, welcome! I have no idea how this acquired approved because that an anime, yet when it drops you have the right to bet I'll be watching it, and also eating popcorn seasoned with the tears the the world who will inevitably hate it.

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“Do you desire my pole or this rod?” by the artist that carried you six various other stories you’ve never heard of comes Somethings rising and it’s not the shield hero. This majestic abomination known as Redo the a Healer will certainly be heralded together the Twitter communities’ Covid19 equal. This is about as healthy of a LN together it gets while running Olympic laps roughly what might have to be hentai. Interspecies Reviewers has actually nothing on the story that this honorable crack addict Batman prodigy. Have you ever thought to yourself,” ns wish there existed one uncensored version to increasing of a Shield Hero.” fine look no further! as we follow the adventures that 2.0 Naofumi’s increase to what a true hero must aspire to be. Ns know numerous felt deeply betrayed when Malty didn’t capture Naofumi’s hands on the chopping block. Luckily this year she’s reincarnated together the very same lovable princess we’ve all pertained to treasure. Nothing will stop 2.0 Naofumi’s crusade to being the #1 Thot slayer in this brand-new journey. I typical how have the right to you not desire to become what you were destined for? This male in his brand-new quest is given the godly heal alchemy to restore or also better..ENHANCE his ideal qualities ;). Now I obtain some people may ask,”Isn’t this a downgraded variation of our beloved hero? how is going indigenous immovable object the is the SHIELD hero come why execute I need a healer once I’ve gained elixirs?” I’d be lying if I claimed I didn’t form in any game I’ve ever before played where someone insta locks healer “GG NEXT!” well this reinvigorated foolish lad theatre healer, damage and tank since everyone to know everyone but you is trash. It’s simply the gold unspoken rule in any sort that party system. If you can not carry, get good. I don’t know about you, yet this male sounds choose the granddaddy bring I’d want v me. Of course nothing comes free so the times favor these after ~ his hard fought battles once he see him truly “rise” and also get ago what was rightfully owed. After ~ all, 2.0 Naofumi it is in pimpin. “This has acquired to be some trash Harem show right?” no even! Well, kinda. While anyone starts lining up for lb town, he never ever sees the thots as more than tools and also as together pays no creed. Just those important worthy such together the royal family members as bestowed his Crown Jewels. This no the story of a simp. We’re talking about someone who has the deceitfulness that Kazuma while maintaining the thin palpable vigor that Naofumi. And also maybe a sprinkle that Rance if you’re a veteran degenerate and know what i mean. Upon our hero’s second reincarnation he to be gifted the power to look at you and DDos you on the spot. This easily enables him to discern the civilization as he sees fit. Most importantly this insures he will never loss into the clutches that the notorious trap. IMO this will be the pinnacle the Isekai. You can’t obtain any much better than a story whereby your own love nectar have the right to increase the level caps of those roughly you. You gain the Naofumi done appropriate story. Return the one downside is this is possibly considered a light hentai, yet there’s no NTR or ugly bastard therefore it’s a win-win right?