Visual novel studio Mesu Danshi has simply released a brand-new yaoi intuitive novel title Kanojo o Netotta Yarichin Otoko o Mesu Ochisaseru Made, in i beg your pardon the protagonist takes revenge top top a guy who stole his girlfriend. The form and kind of his vengeance, however, is something fairly unexpected.

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Kanojo o Netotta Yarichin Otoko o Mesu Ochisaseru Made, also well-known as How i Made the Playboy the Stole mine Girlfriend into a Sissy Bitch, or under the even more inventive name, Turning the Chad that Cuck’d Me into My Sissy Bitch, released through a brand-new Lune imprint Mesu Danshi, is a quick yoai nukige intuitive novel that really doesn’t leave a lot come the creative thinking after you read the title.

Getting cuckolded and cuckolding someone back might no be the most distinctive of narrative selections as far as visual novels go, but YariMesu ups the game a bit by having actually the target that the protagonist’s vengeance gradually becoming a broken down sex object to be used by anyone, anywhere and also in any kind of orifice lock please.

Interested in finding the end what renders an alpha male go 180 and also turn into everyone’s favorite male cum dumpster? here are a few plot, character details, screenshots and also even a short trailer to keep you excited.

In the new game Kanojo o Netotta Yarichin Otoko o Mesu Ochisaseru Made, you deserve to enjoy raping the man who stole your girlfriend, and what happens afterwards. Crap yeaaaah, make him into a bitch!!! rotate that playboy fucker into a tiny biiiiitch!!!


Takanashi Kouta, a student with below average grades in physical and also mental topics (and v a totally boring face) still controlled to find his first girlfriend.

One day, that sees girlfriend having actually an affair through some hooligan, after which he dump. Upon being required to check out that handsome hooligan flirting with his girlfriend approximately him, his life has descended right into hell. A if later, among his internet friends argues to Kouta that they get revenge.

A couple of days later, his friend sends out him a video, speak “I sent you this vid. Clock it, man.” The video contained the handsome guy that had stolen his girlfriend obtaining gangbang raped through a group of gay guys.

“Fuck you assholes,” the said, trying to act tough. “This doesn’t feel an excellent at all! who the fuck would… feel good fucking a guy…aaah!!” when he was trying to act commanding despite his position, the other men still regulated to host him down and completely fuck his brains out. The wonderful vision made Kouta feel much more than just relief…

It made him feel favor having plenty of penalty sex!

What must we even call this budding feeling!?


Makishima Reji (CV: Onenight Love)

The fulfilled male that will soon come to be a full bitch.

This asshole is a playboy that fucks approximately with any type of girl the sees. His face is perfect, he is got great style, he’s great at sports, and his human body is to die for. He supplied to practice boxing, so he is also good at fighting, i m sorry he often brags about. He’s proud that his well-toned muscles. He also has a substantial dick.

“You obtained dumped ‘cuz girlfriend act like a stalker, just like you’re act now, girlfriend virgin asshole!”

Takanashi Kouta (Full name customizable)

The main character. He’s below average in regards come his build, academics, sports, and also his face. The was all of sudden confessed come by Shinozaki Mayu, and also they began going out. It felt great to have actually his very first girlfriend.

His penis is decently large, yet he’s obtained a bit of phimosis, and he’s self-conscious about it.

“If I deserve to decimate her pride, i don’t give a shit if it provides me a pervert…”

Shinozaki Mayu (CV: Konoe Yuzuko)

A well-mannered girl that doesn’t stand out lot in class. She’s chosen the main character because that a while, and eventually confessed to him; however, when word gained out the they to be dating, Reiji stepped in. Ecstatic that such a hot guy confirmed interest in her, she instantly dumped the main character.

Her instant looks scream “plain”, yet she has a pretty body. She refines her look more and more as Reiji and her continue dating, eventually cultivation quite beautiful.

“You’re yes, really nice, yet Reiji-kun bring away the command a many more, and he’s therefore manly, therefore I like him a lot… sorry.”


Kanojo o Netotta Yarichin Otoko o Mesu Ochisaseru Made is now available in Japanese as a download from the Japanese DMM save for 2,160 yen (approx. $21) or together a physics copy from the Getchu keep for 2,138 yen.

The concept and execution of YariMesu are among the more original persons we have seen come out of Japan in current time. Because that that exact reason and additionally taking into factor to consider its quick length, we hope the title it s okay picked up for an English translation v either main or unofficial means.

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