The Kate B. Reynolds Charitable to trust is a philanthropic foundation created in 1947 and based in Winston-Salem. By virtue of the will of that is donor, the trust is devoted to boosting health care for the indigent and also medically underserved people of north Carolina and also to helping the poor and needy residents of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County. The to trust was created in 1947 by the will of Kate Gertrude Bitting Reynolds (1867-1946), the mam of william Neal Reynolds, chairman of R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company.

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Kate Reynolds designated the one-fourth the the income from the trust be supplied for the poor and also needy in Winston-Salem and Forsyth County and that three-fourths that the income be used for charity patients in phibìc Carolina hospitals. This designations have become known together the Poor and Needy division and the Health treatment Division, respectively. In 1970 the trust efficiently appealed come the phibìc Carolina supreme Court for the ability to expand the latter designation to include wider health treatment needs in the state.

In its an initial 50 years, the Poor and Needy division of the Reynolds to trust granted more than $39 million. The health Care department has made secondary $119 million in grants for programs transparent the state. Programs have had a emphasis on health care for the elderly, mothers and also infants, human being with AIDS, and also the disabled, amongst others. The trust has also worked to administer increased accessibility to health treatment in the state"s countryside areas and supported wellness education, including nursing programs at ar colleges. It has frequently worked in cooperation with other foundations committed to enhancing the lives of phibìc Carolinians, consisting of the duke Endowment and the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation.

The Kate B. Reynolds charity Trust"s assets more than double in 1989 as soon as the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco agency was sold in a leveraged buyout. In the at an early stage 2000s the trust"s legacy were more than $470 million, and the organization designates about $24 million each year in grants with its two divisions.


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