KDV Obtains supreme Court the the United claims Decision on behalf of ours Client, complying with Six-Year totally free Speech fight

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KDV Achieves Mansfield Certification because that 2021 – one of only 118 law firms nationwide to obtain this recognition.
KDV continues to broaden in WestchesterWith the addition of 11 White Plains-Based Babchik & Young Attorneys

Founded 35 year ago, Kaufman Dolowich & Voluck is a top litigation firm dedicated to offer the legal requirements of the business and also insurance communities. Us are known on a national and also international level for delivering outstanding legal service that responds come the varied demands of ours clients. Our attorneys are seasoned professionals who accurately assess legal issues and create innovative, cost-effective techniques that achieve results.


Our client base shows the diversity of our firm and also includes insurance allowance companies, fortune 500 companies, middle industry companies, family-owned and also closely held businesses, professionals, municipalities and also many various other entities throughout the joined States and around the globe. Cognizant that the distinct legal challenges and also business pressure our clients face, we aim to provide industry-specific advice to clients operating across a large array of financial sectors, including:

Industries select One...Co-Ops, Condos and HOAsCybersecurityEducationFinancial ServicesHealth Care/Managed CareHospitalityInsuranceLatin AmericaManufacturing & DistributionMaritime & AdmiraltyPublic Sector/Not for ProfitReal EstateRetailTransportationWine, Food & Beverage
For over three decades, the attorneys in ~ Kaufman Dolowich & Voluck have actually espoused the that company guiding principle that the client always come first. Back we continue to grow and also expand our firm’s exercise areas, every lawyer and staff member at KDV is cursed to offering the highest quality, personalized organization to ours clients. Us make our clients’ interests our own and also partner through them uncover the ideal solutions for your legal problems. In our view, the ideal solutions room individualized services that accomplish the certain needs, goals and values of our clients.

exclusion Bars Coverage because that Man’s Injuries From drag Race, Law360, October 20, 2021, David Brown, Jaime Hull by Kaufman Dolowich Voluck

one Illinois federal judge clearing Atain

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Insurer stays clear of Covering Waterproofing Co.’s Faulty work Suit, Law360, special Christopher Tellner and also David Brown, November 4, 2021 through Kaufman Dolowich Voluck

Atain insurance money Co. Walk not have actually to safeguard a

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OSHA problems Rule Requiring companies With 100 Or an ext Employees come Mandate COVID inoculation or Weekly experimentation as problem of Employment, November 4, 2021 through Kaufman Dolowich Voluck

previously today, the United claims Department of

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Nov 11, 2021 Stefan R. Dandelles, panelist in ~ ABA conference Fidelity native the floor Up, November 11

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Nov 11, 2021 Stefan Dandelles, Chair that Fidelity & Crime Practice group Speaking in ~ ABA Conference tips Section and FSLC, November 11, 2021th