Thinking of Easter Song and also the bells got me thinking around Keith Green and the songs the he sang, in general. Keith Green’s theology came out the the old Pentecostal Holiness tradition. Numerous forget that the early Jesus world movement was not just reacting versus what they observed as sterility in prayer and/or dress, but to sterility in the Christian life. In fact, that is hard to call it a movement at its beginnings, since it had many beginnings. The Jesus civilization movement illustration as lot as anything else I have actually seen in my lifetime, an untameable to explode of the holy Spirit, which caused much good fruit at that time. It critiqued the Church and also called it come account for its sterility.

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Many the the songs the Keith environment-friendly sang were in reality songs that dubbed to account. The did likewise write worship and rejoicing songs and songs of personal salvation, that course, however one has to look at some of his “prophetic” songs to establish just how much Keith environment-friendly was reacting against a sterile certainty in the Christianity of that time that permitted people come attend worship while blinding your eyes come those about them and their needs. Among his the strongest calls versus that kind of reasoning was his song, “To follow Is better Than Sacrifice.” The lyrics say:

To obey is far better than sacrificeI don’t require your moneyI desire your lifeAnd i hear you say that I’m coming back soonBut friend act choose I’ll never return

Well friend speak the grace and my love for this reason sweetHow you prosper on milk, however reject my meatAnd ns can’t assist weeping of how it will beIf you save on ignoring my wordsWell you pray come prosper and also succeedBut your flesh is miscellaneous I just can’t feed

To follow is far better than sacrificeI want an ext than Sunday and Wednesday nightsCause if you can’t involved Me every dayThen don’t bother coming in ~ allLa,la,la etc.

To follow is far better than sacrificeI desire hearts the fireNot her prayers of iceAnd I’m coming quicklyTo give earlier to youAccording come what you have doneAccording come what you have actually doneAccording to what you have done

The last words room what plainly place Keith environment-friendly in the Pentecostal Holiness tradition. “To give back to you follow to what you have actually done.” though Keith environment-friendly had an assurance that God’s love that would obtain him with anything the life would certainly throw at him, yet he had actually the Pentecostal’s (and Orthodox) appreciation that us are conserved unto obedience not just unto worship and prayer. Both the Holiness people and the Orthodox insist that her behavior, her works also matter, and that obedience is a choice. The is, sing “Awesome God” all you want. If you space Orthodox, attend an excellent Vespers, Orthros (Matins), and also the magnificent Liturgy. Throw in a mid-week meeting. But, obedience is much better than sacrifice. Keith green correctly mirrors the Fathers on this. It is a good thing to attend worship and also be in the visibility of God. But, to follow is far better than sacrifice. That has not changed from the Old testament until now.

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“For ns was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, ns was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, ns was a stranger and you did no invite me in, I essential clothes and also you did no clothe me, ns was sick and in prison and also you did not look after ~ me.”

They likewise will answer, “Lord, once did we view you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing garments or ailing or in prison, and also did not aid you?”

He will reply, “Truly i tell you, whatever you go not perform for one of the the very least of these, girlfriend did not do for me.”


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5 October 2019 at 14:01

Both Catholic and also Orthodox people think that scripture ought not to it is in “self interpreted” however they it seems to be ~ to translate scripture every the time and in varying ways. Take the Genesis account for example, you have actually priests saying every sorts the things around Genesis.This is why i can’t really take churches seriously.