In this Brightwing develop Guide, we provide an overview of her strengths, abilities, talents and matchups.

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In this Uther develop Guide, we carry out an synopsis of his strengths, abilities, talents and also matchups.
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In this Kharazim build Guide, we administer an outline of his strengths, abilities, talents, matchups and also provide


Kharazim is a functional and powerful Support Hero that's capable of dealing an excellent damage and also providing invaluable healing come his party. That plays somewhere between Brightwing, Rehgar and also Tyrande in his utility, however his melee is fairly unique. What makes him so much fun is the fact that he have the right to specialize in simply healing, damage or a little of both and also do both well.

I have tendency to constantly pursue a healing build simply due to the fact that it typically brings the most value to a team in ranked matches. However, his talent do permit for a great deal of flexibility and also building him together a hybrid, thanks to his relatively powerful array the talents. 

I will stress that Kharazim can be a difficult Hero come play well. His must be on the front heat to deal damage, combined with a complete lack of selection can often leave that vulnerable. Happily he has actually a an excellent deal of mobility that enables him to get in and out the combat quickly. 

Guide Updated: 14 April 2018



A fast and also flexible Hero qualified of damage and support 

Without Radiant Dash he's an extremely vulnerable 

Plays somewhat an in similar way to Rehgar but with - arguably - far better mobility 

His magnificent Palm requires perfect time to work 

His Radiant Dash offers exceptional mobility

The have to melee places you in danger of being focused

Divine Palm is an tremendous clutch heal 

Only one cure on a relatively long cooldown






Iron Fists (Trait) is one of three variants on Kharazim's Trait and also at the begin of the match, friend can pick to have it cause one the three results every 3rd basic attack. The options are mana gain, health, or additional damage. Depending on your desired playstyle will rely on even if it is you choose details talents. Trascendence is undeniably beneficial when solo laning, taking camps or provoding some extr support in a fight. However, its heal amount isn't huge and you need to be ~ above the front heat dealing simple attacks because that it come proc. This isn't always feasible outside of Deadly with (see below). Frequently this can mean steel Fists is a much better alternative just for its extr burst when Insight provides amazing quantities of mana restoration and lowers your cooldowns. 




Radiant Dash (Q) - allows Kharazim to jump to an ally or enemy. It's invaluable for escaping or engaging early and also can later be talented come have more charges or reason an result on arrival. The truth it also enables you come hit v an immediate an easy attack way you can regularly kill someone that is trying come escape, before zipping back with an additional Radiant Dash. Try not to waste her charges however, together you may need them to escape. 



Breath the Heaven (W) - is your key healing abilities and also heals every allies roughly Kharazim. In ~ level 20 the heals because that a fair amount (around 600), but its genuine strength is the truth you deserve to use it relatively often. Simply be sure to shot to use it when as many of your team are approximately you, as they'll every then advantage from it. Best of all, it likewise provides a 15% movement speed bonus for 3 seconds: an excellent for escaping or chasing a weakened collection of foes. 



Deadly with (E) - is Kharazim's burst ability and enables you to deal fast fire melee strikes for 2 seconds. The attack range increase permits you come still lands assaults even if who attempts to relocate away indigenous you, but that does typical if you're gift body blocked you deserve to still with an opponent. What's an especially powerful about Deadly with is the truth the rapid sequence of assaults triggers her Trait. If you determined Transcendence it's a very fast calculation of AOE heal for her team. The damage isn't too negative either, specifically if you decided Iron Fist.



Seven-Sided Strike (R) - allows Kharazim to strike a target 7 times in rapid succession. What renders it an solid Heoric is the reality your damages is based on a Heroes preferably health, no their current health pool. It's much more than possible to burn down the likes that Arthas to half health together a very minimum, simply from this skill alone. It should be listed that enemies can departure the radius the Seven-Sided Strike and also if castle do, they'll stop the damages entirely. It is however beneficial for zoning and also locking under a single target. I will also add that high-level players counter Seven-Sided strike by every diving right into its radius - this guarantee the damage is shared amongst everyone, rather than a single player hence mitigating most of that is impact. Regardless of that, it's still great if offered correctly. 



Divine Palm (R) - is comparable to Rehgar's genealogical Healing in the sense it's your \"Oh, shit!\" switch for rescuing someone about to die. The will only heal an ally if they take fatal damage, for this reason you need to time it simply right come gain any kind of use the end of it. Be mindful that once you mark a target, they'll get an icon over their head that the opponent can see. In part instances, a great enemy team will then stop focusing that target to avoid you conserving your team mate. It's finest to use it once you can be certain the ally will die and also if castle don't, they need to be diving ago into combat to ensure the they execute so magnificent Palm triggers. 



Level 1: steel Fists

Effectively enabling Kharazim to critically hit a target every 3 straightforward attacks, Iron Fists offers a substantial amount that spike potential for Kharazim. Together the damages bonus that 110% he additionally received a 30% motion speed boost for 2 seconds, enabling him to acquire greater mobility while sticking to targets much easier. 

Variable: offering Kharazim v amazing amounts of sustain, Insight is mine go-to an option right currently for him. Not just does it carry out incredible quantities of mana sustain, however once you finish the search the cooldown palliation - in countless ways - overshadows Trascendence. Considering her Deadly with and means of the hundred Fists (level 16 talent) all trigger the cooldown reduction, you have the right to constantly use your heal, Breath that Heaven. 

Level 4: planet Ally

Kharazim summons one Earth Ally that reduces all basic attack damage received by 50%. Although the earth Ally have the right to be killed, it has approximately 900 health at level 20 an interpretation it'll withstand some punishment. Considering girlfriend can also Radiant Dash come your earth Ally, if you ar it at the back of the team hit it's a dependable escape and your team will certainly gain large benefits from it. An excellent against straightforward attack compositions.

Level 7: Blinding SpeedBlinding Speed is a an excellent talent for Kharazim together it boosts your variety of Radiant Dash charges come 3. It likewise reduces the cooldown of the capacity by 2 seconds. 

Variable: Blazing Fists is an excellent for truly maximizing your damage output and also ensuring multipliers on your simple attacks as every 3rd attack lowers the cooldown the Deadly reach by 0.75 seconds. It doesn't sound a lot, yet it can quickly shave time turn off your capability so that you can use that much an ext often. 

Level 10: Seven-Sided Strike

Providing immunity and a substantial amount the damage, Seven-Sided Strike provides fantastic zoning and also aoe pressure. Against large groups of adversaries it damages falls off considerably but in tiny team fights (2's and also 3's) it's for sure fantastic. 

Variable: magnificent Palm is tho excellent and should it is in picked versus high to explode compositions. It difficult counter's Kael'thas' and his Pyroblast and also although skilled players will protect against attacking everyone under its spell, it can frequently still revolve a team fight. 

Level 13: sixth Sense

Allowing Kharazim to get 75 armor as soon as stunned or rooted, Sixth Sense offers some lot needed mitigation as soon as diving, particularly against basic attack hefty compositions.

Variable: As the only talent at Level 13 I'd recommend, Quicksilver allows Kharazim to gain 30% activity speed come himself and allies that dash's to for 3 seconds. Impressive for conveniently reaching allies or to run away as soon as they're tagged with the activity speed buff. 

Level 16: means of the hundreds Fists

Building on your understanding talent an option at level 1, Way that the hundreds Fists allows you to rapidly deliver an easy attacks to a player every time friend dash towards them. You provide 6 an easy attacks ~ above arrival, enabling your properties to create rapidly while likewise significantly reduce the cooldown on your heal. It's absolutely amazing for damage and support. 

Variable: Echo that Heaven is a great alternative together it permits your Breath of heaven to heal twice. The second is delay by 3 seconds and also it heals for just 75% that the initial value, yet still allows Kharazim come heal because that a significant amount.

Level 20: Epiphany

Restoring virtually 33% of your mana, Epiphany also return 2 of her Radiant Dash. It's an excellent for allowing to remain in fights longer, but likewise pressure enemies more thanks to now having x4 Radiant Dash. 

Variable: Storm Shield is a an excellent alternative to administer a group broad shield (alongside security Shield) whilst Peaceful Repose is additionally viable if you uncover you're miss-timing or the foe is staying clear of Divine Palm Heroes.


These Hero threat Levels (1 being lowest threat and 10 being highest possible threat) space to help you identify which enemy Heroes can provide you a headache. Any kind of Heroes the aren't ~ above this perform are straightforward pickings for Kharazim. If a Hero is provided here, take higher care. Please additionally note that in many instances, Kharazim have the right to comfortably solo most adversary Heroes, v the exemption of The Butcher due to his me healing and the power of it.



Illidan: A mix of evades, shielding and movement do Illidan daunting to deal with. As lengthy as you conserve your heal for as long as possible, and also hold out versus his evades, her healing must keep friend up. 


Kael'thas: If he grabs girlfriend in a heaviness Lapse, you're going to take a ton that damage. Being in melee selection also way you'll take a fair few basic assaults to the face. Evade his heaviness Lapse and Flamestrike at every costs. 


Kerrigan: Her self-shielding merged with stun and also pull makes her dangerous. She elite (Ultralisk) can also make life daunting for you. Protect against her Grasp and Impaling Blades and also use Radiant Dash as much as her. 


Nova: Nova is a an excellent counter come Kharazim due to the fact that she is capable of bursting you under quickly. Shot to usage Protective Shield first, adhered to by Radiant Dash to obtain to Nova. If you have the right to avoid her Pinning Shot, you're in a much much better position. 


The Butcher: It's feasible to kill The Butcher through Kharazim however you need to avoid his Butcher's Brand. If you do, he'll take a same amount of damage from you and likely shot to run. Simply be wary of his Lamb come the Slaughter. 


Thrall: His root linked with Windfury rise make him a nuisance because that Kharazim because he'll force an early use of her heal. His me healing also makes his sustain high. If you deserve to avoid his root, Radiant Dash come him and quickly use Radiant Dash. Try to organize out utilizing your dual heal as lengthy as possible. 


Valla: Her escape makes her difficult to kill and her sustain damages can chaos you up. An unified with her sluggish (if she's take away the talent) as well as her upstream stun, she's a actual headache to gain near. 


Zeratul: He is much like Nova, just he deserve to kill you much faster if played right. If you've no Radiant Dash left, you're walk to it is in in a lot of trouble. 


Varian: His stun, self sustain and/or vulnerability reason real difficulties for Kharazim. He's also difficult if the takes Taunt together well. 8/10


This list of tips and tricks are simply a handful of points we think will aid your Kharazim play. We'll continue to include to the list as required and if girlfriend have any type of tips you'd like to share, allow us understand in the comment below and also we'll ar them here. 

1. Remember that regardless the the level 1 talent girlfriend choose, its impact will just activate every 3rd basic attack.

2. Kharazim is weak if he is unable to trigger his trait, this often way he needs a dive composition or strong front-line therefore he can likewise be at the front, punching away. Try to encourage her team to draft through you in mind.

3. In simple terms, Transcendence is healing, insight cooldown reduction, and Iron Fists damage.

4. nevertheless of the level 1 talent you choose, remember that you’re tho a support Hero.

5. Radiant Dash is your escape and also engage. Nothing waste that diving in, if you know you’ll not have actually a charge to obtain you out.

6. Radiant Dash once used against an foe will instantly land one basic attack. This can frequently be enough to complete off a low-health Hero.

7. By default Radiant Dash has only 2 charges. Shot to constantly save both because that a team fight.

8. Breath of sky heals because that a high amount in one AOE around Kharazim. Try to gain in amongst as countless of her team as feasible so they’re every healed, and all get the speed boost.

9. If necessary, and also if the end of Radiant Dash charges, usage Breath of sky to speed yourself up in stimulate to quickly reach an enemy or safe location.

10. Deadly Reach permits Kharazim to increase his attack selection and speed by 100% because that a quick duration. It’s a an essential ability for rapidly trigging your trait (whether heal, cooldown palliation or damage). Constantly have it ready in a team fight.

11. You deserve to pre-arm Deadly with so the you don’t have to activate it throughout a fight. Just use the capability and dive right into a fight when you’re ready.

12. If pursuing Insight, deadly Reach can rapidly cut cooldown time from her abilities.

13. Divine Palm is still worth taking if you’re versus a high explode composition, or against crucial Heroes such together Kael’thas if he chooses to take Pyroblast. Magnificent Palm deserve to instantly negate such Heroics.

14. Remember that 7 Sided win splits every its damage based on the variety of enemy Heroes in the radius. For much more damage against an opponent, shot to catch them on your own.

15. 7 Sided Strike gets rid of Kharazim native play and also makes him totally immune till its expression ends. Use it come avoid vital abilities such as The Butcher’s Lamb come the Slaughter.

16. 7 Sided win is amazing for zoning out the enemy or killing a player 1 on 1. It's sometimes worth using this method just to secure the death or to permit your team to escape; you can then dash away.

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17. When placing your Spirits, try to location them at the back of a team fight therefore they won't immediately be killed.