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CHU CHU YEAH! Love the KyoAni found a method to bring ago the first season's OP. The animated variation of the music video clip is adorable.

Didn't pay lot attention to Elma originally however she is so cute. We need much more Elma this season.

Elma is great. Cute, loves food and also sometimes tries to it is in the straight man of the situations. Her spin turn off is adorable together well.

Sorry because that the random reply, week has actually been hell and seeing Elma (and Dragon Maid together a whole) really makes everything an ext bearable

Elma grow in some exciting directions together the "Office Lady" who starts off kind of incompetent yet grows well right into her role. Yet yeah, she barely got any type of material in the an initial season, and also I suspect most of her ideal stuff is stuck in the spin-off that we are unlikely to acquire animated.

Still, happy to check out her again!

Shouta kun showing his true colors, however who can blame him as monopoly brings the worst out of everyone.

Shouta kun mirroring his true colors

Now ns wonder that he gets the from...hmm.

(No, it isn't Lucoa)

I constantly enjoy the tiny "by the way" cute things they have actually Kanna do. Castle don't have encompass them, but it's great they do. And also as usual over there is simply a ton of stuff to write notes on; Kyoani mirrors are just packed v detail. An extremely glad to see that legacy is as strong as ever.

Kyoani reflects are just packed through detail

Yeah, i love how they designed and drew out this very detailed reaction gag that mirrors up for, like, 2 seconds.

KyoAni when again a masterclass in ~ background movement. Normal shows would just have actually a personality static with their mouth moving however Kanna plays approximately with her hands and also objects— I always love watching she in the background because she’s constantly up or something. Specifically on rewatches :)

Yeah, ns feel Kyouto Animations, PA Works, and also UFOtable space the studios that incorporate Ghibli "Nothing moments" the most.

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I watch any type of scene through Kanna 3 times. Very first normally. Then ns watch it and fawn over exactly how cute she voice is. Then ns watch that again come look at all the cute little things they have her do.