The place is for this reason hot and also once you salary you can"t leave i legit go in payment then stated I don"t want to stay how ridiculous ns have bad asthma and it was method to hot and also steamy I"m certain the food was great but I will certainly not danger my we"ll being because that food never ever again will I go here


I provided 4 stars. Ns would offer 5 stars ~ above food but 4 since of atmosphere. The a buffet. The food is great but if friend go throughout peak hours there is a wait and also its extremely over overfilled to the point of being uncomfortable at times and also the buffet area is a cost-free for all. Especially for the crab legs. As soon as a tray of crab foot comes out is as shortly as its emptied by customers and many time its one greedy client or two who take it every crab foot freshly ceded moments back from the kitchen. Otherwise the food is great I still go during peak hours due to the fact that food is so great (best buffet ever) and they have the best selections the the buffet during peak hrs of course.

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Really Really great food!!

Good waiter service and great food. If u come in distinct occasion it could be packed.

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Not also bad

Would certainly go back. The employee was helpful and I acquired my money worth. Recommended .______________________________________


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Phone:(201) 869-6866

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Good for Groups:Yes

Good for Kids:Yes

Bike Parking:No


Take Out:Yes

Cuisines:Cuban, Buffets, Asian, Mediterranean, Caterers, Mexican, American, take Out, Caribbean, Latin American, Chinese, Pizza

Takes Reservations:No

Outdoor Seating:No

Specialties:American Restaurant, service Events, corporate Events, American Food, American, Parties

Parking:Paid, Street, Self

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