In the Metal gear Solid series, football player constantly conference the expression "La-li-lu-le-lo," which turns out to play a key role in the plot.

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Metal equipment Solid 2 The Patriots
During any kind of playthrough that the Metal gear Solid franchise, players will certainly continually encounter the phrase "La-li-lu-le-lo." regardless of sounding like a wire of gibberish, the phrase is in reality a vital piece of information that runs through the whole series—even despite it is not mentioned in the an initial Metal gear Solid.

that is slowly revealed throughout the events of Metal equipment Solid 2 the "La-li-lu-le-lo" is a code word because that an organization well-known as The Patriots. The mystery code is alluded come in very early encounter through Richard Ames, who goes ~ above to explain the influence that The Patriots have actually over the United states government. Later, during a run-in with President James Johnson, the nanomachine password word is confirmed, and the full power that The Patriots is revealed once Johnson speak Raiden that the company was responsible for picking the to be president.

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Who room The Patriots in Metal gear Solid?

La Li Lu Le Lo Metal gear Solid
an easy way of reasoning of The Patriots is come think of lock in a comparable fashion to the Illuminati. They space a clandestine society that is greatly responsible because that the occasions that happen throughout the Metal equipment Solid franchise. The Patriots organization was created by Zero and large Boss (also recognized as nude Snake) following the events of Metal equipment Solid 3 in an initiative to gain manage of the world and also manipulate it come the vision of The Boss—not come be perplexed with large Boss, she would-be successor.

since The ceo dies before The Patriots are actually formed, the future that the company is created primarily ~ above Zero's interpretation of she legacy. When The ceo espoused the virtues the a unified world and also greater freedom, Zero confuses her legacy into a kind of vision of civilization domination, mainly through controlling the media and mass information.

The Patriots Metal gear Solid Greyfox
because The Patriots are strongly associated with the control and suppression the information, they had to keep the presence of their company as secretive together possible. In line v Zero's vision, the designed the sons of the Patriot system in bespeak to regulate humanity through a double system of AI and nanomachines. Together such, soldiers and those with potential understanding of The Patriots were injected with nanomachines the prohibit them from stating the surname of the organization. Any type of time someone injected with the nanomachines attempts come say "The Patriots," they rather say "La-li-lu-le-lo."

The manage exerted over your soldiers action as an instance of The Patriots' overarching goal. If castle can control what people see and hear, with the use of AI the spreads details or nanomachines that controls what information that humans spread, they deserve to essentially regulate the world.

Metal gear Solid Japan Cover
There's actually an interesting logic behind the advancement team picking the expression "La-li-lu-le-lo." When learning English, students regularly practice the vowels as "a-e-i-o-u." Similarly, the Japanese alphabet deserve to be check out phonetically together "ha-hi-hu-he-ho," "ma-mi-mu-me-mo," and also so on. Much more importantly, the Japanese alphabet does not contain the letter "l," an interpretation that the expression "la-li-lu-le-lo" would not only be finish gibberish come a Japanese audience yet also challenging to pronounce.

by happy coincidence, the phrase is additionally gibberish to English-speaking Metal equipment Solid players, therefore this likely explains why it was retained in the English version. It's more than likely the case that the phrase was purposefully chosen since of its challenging pronunciation so as to mirror players' experiences with the in-game personalities who space rendered physically i can not qualify of saying The Patriots by virtue the nanomachine interference.

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