Been trying to find that elusive Gas Mask? desire to construct an mountain Bath to dip your feet in after a long day of fighting Zombies? Here's how!

Now thatLast day on Earth: Survivalhas obtained a few updates, numerous of us players who"ve jumped right into its unforgiving people are scrambling to take advantage of the brand-new resources and also features that have actually been included to the game due to the fact that it was first launched.

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With these new additions, players deserve to now acquire the Gas Mask and build the acid Bath. However where and how have the right to you execute that? In the freshly unlocked Alfa Bunker, the course! In thisLast work on Earth guide, we"ll walk over every the answers girlfriend need. So save quiet and also treat yourself to one extra bottle of water while us dive into Bunker Alfa and find what you"re feather for.

At the enntrance gate of this Bunker, you"ll findCAC map A at the entrance to the Bunker, meaning you won"t need to do anything else to acquire inside the major level. However, you will need a code to accessibility the sublevels that Bunker Alfa. This code changes every 3 days, and can be derived by looting a dead soldier that can show up in resource areas randomly. (Check the end our last Day on earth vault code overview for much more information!)

You can additionally listen come the CB radio to find out when the password for this bunker transforms -- and when it does, the radio will have actually an exclamation point hovering end it. Alteratively, girlfriend can additionally have a friend tell you the code, because a recent patch made it so that the code isn"t distinct to every player anymore.

Where to discover the Gas Mask in critical Day on Earth

Once you"re inside the Alfa Bunker, there space two means the gas mask deserve to be obtained -- looting or trade.

You have the right to loot the gas mask down down in the below levels of Bunker Alfa -- but this isn"t a guaranteed an approach for gaining it. Therefore if you want a more surefire an approach of acquiring your hand on it, you"ll want to opt because that the 2nd option.

For this method, you"ll require 30 Combat gear Coupons. Redeeming this at the Bunker Alfa Combat gear Terminal will always grant you 4 guns, 2 sets of armor, a gas mask, and potentially some vehicle parts and also paints together well. Other than the gas mask, the weapons, armor, and also parts you attain are randomized.


Where to discover the acid Bath Blueprint in last Day ~ above Earth

There is only one way to obtain the blueprint the unlocks the mountain Bath because that construction. Thankfully, you"re guarantee to find it. Gaining to the blueprint is not easy, though, as it"s at the end of Bunker Alfa"s below level. This is certainly not one area for those that are brand-new to the game -- so prepare a strategy and stockpile extra clinical kits, weapons, and also armor.

The acid bath blueprint will just be available once you end up Underground Floor 2 in the Alfa Bunker. When you"ve cleared it, you"ll be able to hunt down the blueprint and also build the acid bath.


How to use the Gas Mask and Acid Bath

The Gas Mask is at this time used to survive in the gas chamber situated in Bunker Alfa. Be cautious though -- the gas mask decays exceptionally fast while in the gas chamber, so you can die quite easily if friend aren"t paying attention.

The mountain Bath is specifically used to clean infected crates -- you know, the ones spanned in orange slime. Without the acid Bath, they can not it is in opened. Yet once you clean castle off with your newly developed bath, you"ll have the ability to pop them open and loot whatever"s inside.

Move Quickly

Things can adjust quickly in Last day on Earth.The developers work tough to constantly press out patches and also updates that change up the video game all the time. Therefore if you desire this info to be beneficial to you, do try and acquire the your mountain Bath blueprint and also Gas Mask expediently.

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That"s all you require to recognize for now! Be certain to examine out the rest of our Last work on Earth guides for more tips and also tricks the will assist you make it through this zombie-infested world.