Many world in the marketing and also communications neighborhood will have actually seen the supercut the brand responses come the crisis calling out exactly how strikingly comparable in approach and also execution they are. For me the criticism is probably a little harsh, we job-related with the tools we’ve got and also for numerous reasons our alternatives and toolkits are rather depleted in ~ the minute. Yet what it does display is that for some reason marketing and communication executions for brands brought out through the peak agencies in the world in the age of Covid-19 have actually somehow become a paint by number exercise.

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So why is this?

Picasso is attributed v saying “Learn the rules prefer a pro, therefore you can break them like an artist.”

It is apparent in the work developed for some huge brands end the past eight weeks the we have all diligently learned the rules prefer the pros we are. But being good students and playing by the rules has led to countless executions gift conspicuously congruent. Even taking the existing restrictions and sensitivities into account that is clear that in order to really was standing out and also say other that will be heard, agencies and also brands should use the brand-new reality together an possibility to reset and also redefine the rule of communications.

With a feasible easing of restrictions on the horizon, now is the moment to really focus on finding methods to reset our normal ideologies to work and also give oneself the freedom forced to action out that the everyday, expected and also ordinary mindset. Doing this will help create memorable work-related that delivers to our client’s needs.

As we start to move to the next phase of life through Covid-19 and the human being slowly starts to rotate again it is likely that we will watch a deluge of content from brand fighting for our attention, activity and spend. So how do we ensure our content and messages acquire through?

The brands the break through, will certainly be the brands that break the rules.


We have an opportunity to an obstacle ourselves, clients and our sector to, adopt fresh new approaches, it is in original, seek brand-new technologies, find new collaborators and also trust the by doing this and using every options accessible we can produce some truly good work the connects and also evokes real emotion.

As us move into the next phase we believe there will certainly be two an essential factors in the Recovery and also Resurgence that brands;

Brands need to understand their role and have the ability to communicate your value and also worthBrands should find an innovative ways come express themselves that make genuine connections and evoke actual emotion through audiences. Authenticity and also the right tone will be an essential to success.

Now is the time to be bold and also throw away our existing interactions playbook. Stop encourage the brand we job-related with to be brave and take calculated threats that will acquire them seem and heard around the white noise of other brands play by the rules.

So what have the right to agencies do?

At we have always sought out collaborations through artists, actors, directors, designers and makers together they room the an extremely people who by nature tend to break rules as soon as in search of interacting their vision. Because that me personally this is constantly an exciting way of working and also has led to numerous exciting, dynamic and also unexpected outcomes.

Due to Covid-19 the creative community right here in Ireland and across the world has been devastated. Theatres and galleries room closed, TV and film manufacturing shut down, music gigs and festivals of every kinds cancelled. It might be months before there is also a slight return for this industry. What this way is that currently there is a riches of an innovative talent, brilliant thinkers, writers, painters, poets, musicians, bright technicians, designers, stage managers, actors and also visual artists and also so many others are without outlets to display their work and also earn a living. What if us harnessed this creativity and also fused it through what we space doing for brands?

Brands as facilitators and conduits of interesting work that reflects the zeitgeist

There is a wealth of talent the end there already using your creativity, an abilities and favored mediums come tell stories that capture, shot to make sense of and interpret the world in which we now discover ourselves. Through no earnings artists and makers are finding means to store making and get their work out there if it’s simply for themselves and their friends.

What if brands acquired behind few of the amazing occupational out there and also used their platforms and spend to lug the work-related to a wider audience?

What’s in it because that brands-

An chance to show support to an industry that has suffered greatlyAccess to contents from human being class creatives who don’t have an outletAccess come live performances, Q&A’sFacilitating work being created and also produced by artists permits time for brands to arrangement the next development of your marketing without having to revert to developing yet an additional Covid-19 execution

In this strategy agencies the function of the company is to find perfect artists and pair them to brand ensuring the job-related connects and has worth to the brand messaging.

Friend of and frequent collaborator Aonghus Og McAnally is the founder and also artistic director of award winning theatre company Rise Productions. Over the critical 10 year Aonghus has actually been working tirelessly to develop bold job-related on his very own terms. That is a theatre device in the true sense and not gift one come sit top top his laurels that is using his very own money to fund other artist by commissioning tiny pieces the work. The collection went out as YouTube live streams over the course of a week.

I asked Aonghus why that felt the require to produce the initiative-

The #RiseCovidCommissions to be my immediate solution to our whole industry being shut under overnight. Ns knew I’d be earning native voiceover job-related on Covid19 windy awareness campaigns, and decided to allocate a percent of that income to micro-commissions because that theatre artists. The fees genuinely are very small, for this reason – though welcome, I’m sure – it’s yes, really not around the money. It’s an ext about saying to this brilliant creatives “you’re tho an artist, your work-related is still of value, and that there’s still an audience for.

This is a little example of the artists sustaining each other and being a true community. Imagine what can be completed with the support of brands and also all the device and skills at their disposal…

Another plan that mirrors the arts ar trying come make feeling of the instance is dear Ireland through the Abbey Theatre, a national conversation led through Ireland’s artists 50 writers, 50 gibbs presented on their digital channels.

Donations were encouraged however imagine what might have been achieved by the involvement and also partnership with the right brands. Because that the artists and also The Abbey, involvement of simpatico brands could mean access to an ext resource and reach, helping amplify the pieces for this reason bringing more comprehensive exposure and new audience potential and revenue in the type of sponsorship. In return, brands affiliated get come be component of a new way of working v talent the accesses unique, creative, engaging and vital content. On optimal of the they acquire to assistance to the arts. Brands have long appreciated mutually advantageous relationships with sports, what if the arts to be next?

Invite brand-new voices come the conversation

Over the comes months why not create a new way of working by collaborating through the an extremely people that have devoted their skilled lives to the informing of stories and also interpreting the time in which we room living. Invite artists and makers from different disciplines and also mediums to work-related with united state as we ideate and also look for exciting ways to connect for brands. Why can not a valid solution to brief be a sculpture, poem, monologue, was standing up program or specially developed immersive theatre piece? As lengthy as we are there to ensure the brief is represented and also the execution and also amplification attain the wanted outcomes…why not?

This is a opportunity for organ to look at at their internship programmes, our strategy to freelance and also the commissioning of work.

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Why have to we consider this?

Currently over there is a wealth of impressive talent that want to occupational that agencies and brands can leverage to assist tell their storiesWe have actually an opportunity to support an market that has actually been giant impacted. This method leads to services for both partiesLet’s take this opportunity to reset ours industry and explode the possibilities of exactly how we reach audiences.

It’s time to it is in bold, continue to be true and break the rules!