Bob Bean, save manager at legacy Feed and also Fuel, takes a crate off a shelf for a customer at their ar in Meridian on may 24. A new location will be located off Highway 45 in Nampa.

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Legacy Feed and also Fuel will be opening a 2nd location situated off Highway 45 in Nampa. Their only place is in Meridian.

Vince Lizaso, the shop foreman at tradition Feed and also Fuel, functions on resolving a chain experienced at the shop in Meridian on may 24. Legacy Feed and Fuel will have a 2nd location turn off Highway 45 in Nampa. Wednesday, might 24, 2016 Adam Eschbach/IPT


The convenience keep at heritage Feed and also Fuel at their ar in Meridian. A brand-new location will be situated off Highway 45 in Nampa. Wednesday, may 24, 2016 Adam Eschbach/IPT

NAMPA — legacy Feed and Fuel is designed to be a one-stop shop because that customers seeking whatever from fuel for your vehicles come a brand-new grill come a tune-up on their lawnmowers.

For more than 7 years, the family-owned company in Meridian has had a varied mix that products and also services easily accessible in the 16,000-square-foot space. Now, owner Simon VanderWoude is gearing up to open up a second Legacy ar in Nampa.

VanderWoude had actually been considering Nampa because that a 2nd location for a while. He has actually close ties come the community and has made relations through his job-related in testing for the dairy industry.

“I really favor Nampa,” said VanderWoude, a graduate the Nampa Christian High School. “I love the area roughly the lake.”

That’s the area the VanderWoude decided for the 2nd location, i beg your pardon is planned because that the corner of Lake coast Drive and also Highway 45.

The land became easily accessible through a genuine estate auction, and also it ended up a perfect fit because that a brand-new Legacy Feed and also Fuel location. It will be located next come a vet clinic and a dog trainer, i beg your pardon are an excellent complements to Legacy’s business.

VanderWoude is going through the permit process now, yet he anticipates the brand-new store will certainly be open up in feather 2017.

The present Legacy Feed and Fuel save is in ~ the corner of Meridian and also Victory roads. ~ above one end of the store is a Texaco station and also convenience store. The leads into a an option of grills, food and also supplies because that pets, saddles and also tack for steeds and little engines sales and repair in the back.

VanderWoude plan to carry out the same thing at the new Nampa store, yet bigger. The convenience save will be double as huge and through twice as countless fuel islands. He also wants to do the fuel area bigger so it’s an ext accessible for vehicle drivers with watercrafts on their method to Lake Lowell.

The brand-new Legacy store will also have grills and power equipment, which have actually been great for the present store.

The Meridian store employs about 24 human being including four mechanics who administer small-engine repair. VanderWoude said the brand-new location will likely start with 15 employees.

A publicly hearing will be hosted on June 16 before the Canyon county Planning and Zoning Commission because that a conditional usage permit for the new Legacy location.



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