The shed Woods is just one of the an ext well-known recurring overworld areas in the Zelda series. Very first appearing in the initial Legend of Zelda, the lost Woods have end up being a mainstay in the landscape of Hyrule, alongside death Mountain and Lake Hylia. In most appearances the player is forced to journey through the Woods in a very details pattern to do it to the various other side safely. If this pattern is not completed correctly, the Woods will regularly repeat or merely send the player back to the start, for this reason causing the player to come to be lost or disoriented.

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Appearing at very first as little an ext than another forest for link to wander through on his journey, the shed Woods frequently take on the form of a maze or labyrinth the trees. Later depictions had actually it together a dark and really heavily overgrown forest finish with hollow log tunnels and also secrets and dangers scattered about. The woods sometimes role as a puzzle or mini-dungeon to complete as a component of the higher journey. Regularly the Woods hide the roadway towards the woodland Temple, or contain the long forgotten grasp Sword. Follow me the method there have been various creatures or people found in ~ the Woods. Skull Kids and Deku Scrubs are commonly encountered in ~ them in plenty of games, as are human being thieves. In a pair of cases, the shed Woods feature in the lore that the setup itself, adding to the currently abundant mythology that Hyrule.

There have actually been multiple transforms to not only the design but the as whole purpose the the Woods throughout the years. The lost Woods can only appear as a little location on the map that just serves together a quick stop, or it might be much an ext important to the storyline, guarding a much more important ar or obscuring the path to another region.

In the initial Legend of Zelda, the shed Woods were nothing more than a puzzle; a solitary screen through four feasible paths just west of the beginning point in the brown tree that would endlessly repeat in 3 directions until the player found the formula the north, east, south, east, to relocate through them. Frequently players would avoid it completely by going around or utilizing a warp. No explanation was offered for the occurrence or why this an ar was put in Hyrule. It to be just an additional enchanted ar in an already magical world.

In A attach to the Past, the shed Woods took on the appearance of a lot larger and denser forest in the much northwest edge of the map. It no longer had any directional puzzle attributed to it, however it kept the very same enchanted feeling by having actually a miracle fog hovering end it that retained the visibility low in the beforehand parts that the game. Numerous inhabitants were included to it, such as thieves and also lumberjacks, as well as many animals living deep in ~ the forest. A thieves’ hideout was included with an extra minigame for attach to take component in. If the player was not careful, the thef hiding out in the forest would stealing his items. An extra level of prestige was included to the woodland by having it it is in the resting location of the long-hidden grasp Sword, located in an enrolled pedestal within a small sacred grove.

In Ocarina of Time, the lost Woods were as soon as again relocated to a separate corner of the map, and the acquainted direction puzzle indigenous the original game also returned, although, like the lost Woods itself, was greatly increased upon. This time the Woods to be not simply a screen, yet a lengthy maze of various rooms associated by hole logs. Lot like the an initial appearance, picking a wrong course lead Link back to the beginning. Together with its thin size, there were many more additions come the Woods, like new minigames to play, service Scrubs to purchase items from, and also unique inhabitants not discovered anywhere else. The Woods associated the Kokiri forest to the Sacred forest Meadow, the hiding location of the woodland Temple.

The mythology that the region was likewise expanded considerably in Ocarina of Time. In this game the shed Woods take on a much an ext sinister duty as a place where non-fairy beings the wander within its twists and also turns mot only discover themselves hopelessly lost, however are cursed to transform into Stalfos. The Skull kids you encounter a couple of times within the forest are rumored to have actually been youngsters that gotten in the forest and were revolutionized as a an outcome of obtaining lost themselves.

“Skull child – Is this what happens to kids who wander into the forest? it looks favor he doesn’t favor grownups.” — Navi

“That guy isn’t below anymore. Except for the Kokiri, people who come into the forest finish up lost. Lock all come to be Stalfos. That’s why he’s not below anymore. Only his saw is left. Hee hee.” — Fado

In four Swords Adventures, the lost Woods show up as a stage but without the similar repeating area. The nature of the Woods’ puzzle this time about is that each display screen looks very comparable and the is very easy because that the players to come to be lost together a result. The Deku Scrubs that inhabit this woods notify the player the they have actually a comparable curse regarding that of the Skull Kids and also Stalfos of Ocarina the Time; they to be Hylians that gotten in the woods and were revolutionized through the strength of the shed Woods.

“The lost Woods is our birthplace! If girlfriend wander lost below for also long, you as well can end up being a Deku Scrub!” — Deku Scrub

In later on appearances, the prestige of lost Woods minimized somewhat. In The Minish Cap, the Woods are a forest of dead trees that connect must traverse ~ above his way to the royal Crypt. The puzzle element is absent, as result of a collection of indications showing the player whereby to go. In soul Tracks, the Woods return together a maze that should be traversed by train. In this game, Link instantly fails in ~ finding the means through and must endeavor to the local town to learn exactly how to travel v the forest. As soon as completed, the player never ever again demands to travel with the maze.

The concept of an enchanted forest is not new to storytelling; numerous myths and fairytales have had mysterious places very comparable to the lost Woods. Regularly they would certainly be cursed or safeguarded so the anyone discovered entering them would certainly encounter miscellaneous supernatural. Forests often represented covert or unknown locations that many rare and dangerous creatures roamed. Castle were areas that people did not often enter, and also could be occupied by monsters, witches, fairies or old beings.

Folktales that fairies causing travelers to become disoriented or lost in what would otherwise be a familiar area is typical in some countries. Particular retellings of the story have actually led come the use of the hatchet “Pixie-led”, an interpretation lost or misled turn off a course by superordinary means. Regularly this would be the result of a fairy or witch magically confusing the victim right into losing their means and aimlessly wandering, regularly for days. In some cases they would drift aimlessly till they died.

Even in modern-day day we have stories that mysterious places where travelers end up being lost, such together the Bermuda Triangle, which has been stated to cause sailors and pilots alike to lose their bearings and also become lost. There have actually been rumors of compasses and radios ceasing come function, giving a contemporary day mythology to the region that the is a cursed or forbidden area. This an extremely same are afraid of the unknown still gives rise to story of cursed or haunted places that world are still afraid to trespass in today.


Mysterious forests that ensnare or bewilder adventurers are additionally found in modern literature. The well-known Lord that the Rings series had a couple of such forests. The great forest neighboring Lothlórien, a home of the elves in center Earth, was safeguarded from angry by the magic of its rulers. Passage of time was additionally slowed within it, resulting in the tree to grow but not die. Angry creatures were incapable of beginning the forest or finding their way to the inhabitants because of the protection. But even much an ext alike come the shed Woods the Zelda is a forest that showed up in the Silmarillion, titled the Girdle of Melian. This forest was provided as a protective barrier surrounding the kingdom of Doriath, enchanted by Queen Melian. Whomever stepped into the forest ended up being hopelessly shed in an countless maze the trees until their food ran out and they died.

With every the in-game mythology attributed to the lost Woods, there has actually so much never been an explanation or origin given to the area. This pipeline the players to wonder what might be the ultimate objective for the region’s existence. Where did the enchantment come from, and also why can it change unsuspecting Hylians right into monsters?

Many game theorists have suggested it is without doubt a protective obstacle of some kind, the the lost woods are meant to keep unwanted outsiders away from some particular item or being. This explanation might indicate defense of a selection of things, as plenty of sacred or vital things are covert within the forested places of Hyrule. A prominent presumption is the it is supposed to different the main countryside of Hyrule from the sacred forest and protect the an excellent Deku Tree and also his Kokiri children. Or that it is supplied to save the woodland Temple hidden and safe from outside forces. One more possibility is it’s to safeguard the grasp Sword, which has been kept deep in the woodland a number of times in the past. There have been so numerous extraordinary items and locations hidden within the woodland that it can be daunting for one to decide which one is the cause for the safety barrier.

Another speculation is the the shed Woods space not security or useful in any kind of way, however cursed by some outside source. The reality that all non-fairy individual who enter are doomed to wander until they become Stalfos contribute to this assumption. The words of the Deku Scrubs of 4 Swords Adventures — mentioning that they have been changed by the woods right into their existing forms — shows that they share a similar fate together the Stalfos and Skull Kids. That has even been conjectured that due to the fact that the Demon King demise was as soon as sealed in ~ the forest of Hyrule, the his essence could have tainted the land.

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Along through other notable locations commonly found in each brand-new journey v Hyrule, such as fatality Mountain and Lake Hylia, the lost Woods have actually continually advanced in both size and also purpose. Periodically it profit importance and also has a substantial impact top top the story, and also sometimes its importance wanes and it’s only an additional puzzle come overcome. Nevertheless, the lost Woods still stay a an extremely interesting element of secret in the constantly transforming land that Hyrule, and also as a usual concept in not just Zelda yet in myth and also fiction overall, I have actually no doubt that will continue to it is in in future sequels.