Um, i m really sorry Glen – but this was written by Edgar A. Guest (1881-1959) and also was published around 1909, whereupon it became really popular and was often quoted in magazines and also journals and included in devotional calendars. Glen called the track “Less of Me.” Edgar Guest called it:A CreedLet me it is in a small kinder,Let me it is in a tiny blinderTo the faults that those roughly me,Let me prayer a small more;Let me be, when I am wearyJust a little bit much more cheery,Let me offer a small betterThose that i am striving for.Let me be a little braverWhen temptation bids me waver,Let me strive a little harderTo it is in all that I must be;Let me it is in a small meekerWith the brother the is weaker,Let me think more of my neighborAnd a small less that me.Let me be a small sweeter,Make mine life a little bit completerBy law what I need to doEvery minute the the day;Let me toil, without complaining,Not a humble job disdaining,Let me face the summons calmlyWhen fatality beckons me away.See Breakfast Table Chat (1914) at p. 130, by Edgar Albert Guest. Click the connect to watch the poem on google books.Also, please note that Edgar Guest called several of his poems “A Creed.” There room 3 through that same title in the 1914 edition of Breakfast Table Chat, i m sorry is being linked to. The other poems entitled “A Creed” appear on pages 53 and also 159.The one that begins “Let me it is in a littler kinder …” is on page 130 together referenced above. The city was regularly reprinted there is no a title and without the critical stanza.

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I understand that quote!

Out the the night that covers me, black as the pit from pole to pole...


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