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Mom was a Diamond who invaded EarthSaw its beauty and its worthMom made an army and she fought herselfDid that even end up mattering when she faked her own shattering?Mom lived in hiding by the name of RoseWith the friends she"d made, and the form she choseNow all that"s left of her exists in meAnd I think that we can all agreeThat is a little bit upsettingI"d rather think about... a wedding!Let"s think about cakeLet"s think about flowersLet"s think about dressing up and dancing around for hoursThere"s an awful lot of awful things we could be thinking of!But for just one day let"s only think about loveOkay, Sapphire!I gotta get dressed for our big day now so... no peekingAnd no future vision either!OkayOh, Steven...I just wish I could"ve said something sooner about Rose and PinkWe could think about liesThat we told in the pastThey took it so hardWe could think about hurt feelingsAnd how long they can lastHow can we move on?Or we can think about hopeHope?You know I"ve been hopingAbout what?That everything’s better nowEverything"s out in the openBismuth?Is that what you"re wearing to the wedding?It"s the nicest thing I ownLookin" sharp!We could think about flowersWe could think about cakeWe could think about wonderful promises we have the power to makeThere"s an awful lot of awful things we could be thinking of!But for just one day let"s only think about loveMaybe I shouldn"t have picked up rosesMight be a little... controversialWe could all rethink how we feel about RoseWhen it comes to Pink, and the things that she did in the past I supposeYeahOr we both could feel better‘Cause we could think about howWe could think about usAnd we could think about nowWell if we don"t use these we"re gonna need something elseNo worries, Peridot’s gathering more flowers right nowI"ll go get herBut for just one day let"s only think about...Peridot?:What if Lapis was right?Sooner or later, the Diamonds are going to come for the ClusterWe"re all gonna die here!We could think about warWe could think about fightingWe could think about long lost friends we wish we were invitingWe could think about the broken gems in the Cluster at the planet"s coreOr we could think about the bubble we made so that they can"t be hurt any- they can"t be hurt anymoreWe can think about joyWe could think about painWe could think about sunshineWe could think about rainThere"s an awful lot of awful things we could be thinking of!But for just one day let"s only think about~Just one day let"s only think aboutJust one day let"s only think aboutLove