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It’s about 2:43am and I’ve been sitting up because that the previous 4 or 5 hrs trying to gain this blogging thing down.

Today, i was challenged by my mother to start taking benefit of something ns love come do.

That “something” she to be referring to was writing.

It’s stunner right? typically parents room stereotyped on television as no wanting their child to it is in a starving artist. They desire a doctor, lawyer, engineer, and also all the various other money making tasks there space to have.

Not necessarily just on television either, yet in daily life.

But no mine. (insert winky face)

Well she does, however she always drills into my head the you should do what friend love and also the money will certainly follow. Rather than acquisition on a career and never truly gift happy in life.

But as a recent grad with loans, I know the struggle. Therefore in this awkward stage in life, most of united state will take any type of dignified project with a decent salary whether we like it or not.

For those that you right now in the “dreaded job search” phase together I am,

May finding employment, be ever in your favor.

It’s been around 2 to 3 months that I’ve been the end of college.

And Life, has literally pimp slapped me throughout the face. Truth check!

You’d think I’d have actually some elaborate setup of how I desire my life to be and also what I want to do as soon as I graduated…but ns didn’t.

I should have…but ns didn’t.

In the middle of creating a resume and also filling out task applications I retained questioning, “Is this mine passion?”

So if you’re still in college figure it out. It’s so easy to get captured up in the college world of act assignments, studying, and also taking exams.

Which is the point, obviously. However, take the time to start mapping out what that is that you want to do and also how you can get there.

Even if you’re no in college, it’s quiet important since Life take away over. Instead of you acquisition over her life.

I’ve been using the time that I’ve been off to contemplate and journal what I desire my life to be like.


I wish ns would’ve began blogging A long TIME AGO. I’m just a decade late, right?

As Drake as soon as said “Better late 보다 never, yet never late is better.”

I’m just twenty-three therefore I’m quiet in the process of “getting it together.”

Side note: You may be wondering “Why the hell, does she have picture of some random coast attached?”

Well end the couple of months that I’ve been out of college, I’ve to be going top top morning runs v my mother (because i actually have time to execute that now).

It’s been the moment where I, the course, block out the peaceful sounds the the s by blasting music in my headphones while i exercise.

I figured I’d start a blog that integrated lyrics v my life, and just life in general.

As you’ll get to discover out, I’m a music addict. I’m the human that will kill one album or mixtape for you since if i vibe through it, it will be play over and over.

Why not put two points I have actually an interest in together? Writing and music.

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Well that’s my lengthy intro the why I began blogging. I hope you’ll stick roughly for the journey.