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And so ns shall

It was a warm day and also Light came house from school. Together he gained to his house he saw a strange car outside and he knew automatically it was no American since the wheel to be on the not correct side.

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He go in the former door to discover his dad Soichiro and his mother (AN: ns cant psychic her name sorry!). They looked surprised to view him.

“Mom dad what’s walking on?” light asked them.

Yeah what’s going on?

“Light we have something come tell you” said his dad if playing v his mustache.

“This is your twin brother Dark Yagami” they both claimed together,


AT THE exact same TIME?


and pointed to the male in the corner of the room.

Dark looked precisely the exact same as Light except that he had black hair and also was dressed choose Mello


Like melon?

(but light hadn’t met mello yet so the didn’t recognize that ;-) ).


He gained up and walked across the room.

“Hi bro! I’m Dark!” he claimed lolling

‘he claimed lolling’

"he said LOLLING’


and offered his hand to shake.

“How might you no tell me about this!?” irradiate shouted prefer mad.

“We sent him to a top an enig orphanage in Whales

Oh cool

(its a town in England)

What a large town :D

(I’m simply kiddingdon"tkill me)

where he would learn to be the next L.

How deserve to youlearnto be someone else?

We can’t call anyone since its top an enig and kira might find out and Kira might try to death him” his mommy said.


Light to be crazy and punched table.

Yes he did

“I’m walk to my room! which Sayu!” that said and also Sayu (Light’s sister lol!)


followed the upstairs.

“I’m sorry light I want to tell you around Dark but mom and Soichiro wouldn’t permit me.”

“That’s ok!” light replyed “Your my sister and I know just how much friend love me!”

“Thanks Light!” castle hugged.

“I hope I’m no interrupting anything!” It to be Dark.

“Come ~ above Dark I’ve got something to show you” light said and also they got in their room (Light’s parents had made light’s bed into a dual bed (I know what your thinking sickos no yes sir no slash!)).


I wasn’t thinking around that till you carried it increase so yeah

Thank you?

Light put the pencil in the door to stop people listening

How have the right to you carry out that?

You need to be very solid in order to perform that

and stated “I’m Kira”.

Dark automatically shooted

(his gun)

“I know it!”

I’m sorry

“Your a worthy follower to l I understand why her his successor now.” light said.

“Don’t concern bro ns wont tell anyone. In truth I have a death note of my own.”


I believed THERE WAS just 1 death NOTE

Dark replied pulling a blood red notebook the end of pants (he placed it there in instance his bags to be searched).

“Hey your fatality note is a various colour come mine” he claimed pointing to the black death note in Light’s draw.

“Stop speak colour! her in America now! the color!”

DOES IT yes, really MATTER?


Light replied exaspirated.

“Sorry lol” Dark said.

“This is my shinigami” that said and light observed a huge monster appear. The was choose twice the dimension of Ruyk and had a huge mowhawk do of blood and skulls.



Even Light to be scarred the him.

Oh the poor grammer

You funny you

He to be eating bananas like Ruyk ate apples yet they were blood bananas do of blood.

I’m pretty sure blood bananas aren’t made the end of blood

“He’s big” stated Light

No shit

as the shinigami little bit down top top a blood banana “What’s his name/”

“MY surname IS BLUD” said Blud

How original

as he maintained eating the blood banana “I am THE brand-new KING that THE SHINIGAMI and I have A SPECIAL fatality NOTE the KILLS anyone WHOS name IS composed IN IT even IF you DONT recognize THERE face OR NAME”

“I need to unpack currently said Dark

"Ok I will certainly leave you come it” irradiate replied and also exited the door.

And they’re aren’t running away because?

Dark took his cellphone the end of his special location (AN: number it the end for you yourself lol!)

His pocket

I gambling you it’s his pocket

and pressed the l button. L’s phone started to ring

“Hello that is this just how did you get my number?” L said angry.

“I am D”


Dark stated “I have actually killed Mello and also stolen his clothes and run far from Watari’s house.”


Extreme much?

“What?! however Watari would have actually told me if M to be dead.” L stated shockingly.

“I also killed Watari” stated Dark who was playing through his red fatality note.

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L looked about his room. Watari to be still was standing in the corner as with he constantly did.