"Moth to a Flame," Swedish house Mafia and also The Weeknd"s brand-new collab, has actually topped this week"s fan-voted new music poll.

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“Moth to a Flame,”Swedish house Mafia and The Weeknd‘s new collab, has actually topped this week’s fan-voted brand-new music poll.

Music fansvoted in a pollthat was published Friday (Oct. 22) onsommos.net, picking “Moth come a Flame” as their favorite new music relax of the previous week.

Swedish residence Mafia and also The Weeknd’s shimmering club banger carried in 54.05% of the vote. In second place on the poll outcomes was an additional hot brand-new collaboration, “Pa Mis Muchachas,”Christina Aguilera‘s recent Spanish-language solitary with Becky G, Nicki Nicole and Nathy Peluso, which had 25.57% the the vote. Lana Del Rey‘s brand-new Blue Banisters album came in third place, and Elton John‘s The Lockdown Sessions adhered to in fourth.



“Moth to a Flame” brings pop superstar The Weeknd into Swedish residence Mafia’s dance revival; the trio isback with each other after numerous years apart and also looking forward to one upcoming tour that consists of a power at Coachella.

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“When us came ago together again, the was favor we had to rediscover what this was,” the group’s Steve Angello stated in one interview released by sommos.net over the summer. “We all have our various likings, obviously. Seb mirrors me something, or Ax reflects me other I have never viewed or heard, and also it becomes this magic again that we had actually when us were young.”

See the last results of this week’s poll and also listen to“Moth come a Flame” below.


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