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Lincoln Park neighborhood Shelter

600 W. Fullerton Pkwy.Chicago, IL 60614773-549-6111
The Interim Housing community serves up to 35 guests each night year round - 24 men and 11 women. In addition to meals and also safe life space, the Interim Housing ar provides warehouse space, showers, and also laundry facilities for guests. The average size of stay is 3 months, although over there is no time border as lengthy as guests room making progress toward your goals. Critical year, the LPCS provided safe, structured interim housing and also three nutritious meals per day to over 260 guests.

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Referral Information:There is a waiting perform for this program. After completing an entry appointment, a person"s name will certainly be placed on the wait list and also s/he will be inquiry to call each week till there is an are available in the program. Once admitted, over there is no time limit to length of stay, as lengthy as a human is making progress toward goals and following all rules and requirements.

To schedule an entry appointment, call (toll-free) 1-877-204-5624 top top Monday at 9 am. Every one of our intakes take place the adhering to Saturday in ~ our ar Engagement Program.

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How come Volunteer in ~ Lincoln Park ar Shelter:
Be a volunteer. Speak to Lincoln Park neighborhood Shelter in ~ 773-549-6111 for current volunteer work opportunities.

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If you require assistance speak to Lincoln Park community Shelter directly at: 773-549-6111
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