What is different between Ado.net, LINQ come SQL and also Entity framework?

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Re: What is different between Ado.net, LINQ to SQL and also Entity framework?

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ADO.NET is the low level accessibility to her database (ie you send SQL statements and get resulsets). Linq come SQL enables to expose data as .NET objects and also is only for SQL Server. That is deprecated and also replaced through Linq to Entity structure which is much more general (and the still uses ADO.NET behind the scene).

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Re: What is different between Ado.net, LINQ to SQL and Entity framework?

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Hi Manishamani,

ADO.NET: It gives consistent access to data sources.

EF: Entity frame is a wrapper for ADO.NET. Writing and managing ADO.NET password for data accessibility seems a little tedious and monotonous. So, Microsoft provides an O/RM frame —— Entity structure to automate database related tasks for ours application. We have the right to say the EF is an enhancement to ADO.NET that gives developers one automated system for accessing & storing the data in the database.

Entity structure is useful in 3 scenarios. First, if you currently have present database or you want to architecture your database front of various other parts the the application. Second, you want to emphasis on your domain classes and also then produce the database from your domain classes. Third, you desire to design your database schema ~ above the visual designer and then create the database and classes.

LINQ come SQL:It\"s provided for quick data access construction to relatively well designed SQL Server databases.

LINQ come SQLEntity Framework
It just works through SQL Server Database.It can works with miscellaneous databases prefer Oracle, DB2, MYSQL, SQL Server etc.
It generates a .dbml to maintain the relationIt generates one .edmx papers initially. The relationship is maintained using 3 various files .csdl, .msl and .ssdl
It has actually not assistance for complex type.It has actually support for complicated type.
It cannot create database from model.It can generate database indigenous model.
It enables only one come one mapping in between the reality classes and also the relational tables /views.It allows one-to-one, one-to-many & many-to-many mappings in between the reality classes and the relational tables /views
It allows you to query data making use of DataContext.It permits you come query data utilizing EntitySQL, ObjectContext, DbContext.
It offers a tightly coupled approach.It gives a loosely coupled approach. Since its code an initial approach allow you to usage Dependency Injection sample which do it loosely combination .
It have the right to be provided for fast application development only through SQL Server.It have the right to be supplied for rapid application advancement with RDBMS prefer SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 and MySQL etc.

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