Ok, I've googled the hell the end of this and also I'm either incompetent or it's simply not out there. I remained in the shed City today (the large public team dungeon in the desert), and there to be a floor puzzle that I can not number out. It had actually 6 floor buttons (two had scarabs, two had spiders, and two had scorpions) as well as a wall button. Us tried every configuration we could think of, yet we couldn't figure it out.

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I can't think of anywhere else come go, and am hoping one of you geniuses have figured it out or allow me know what I'm supposed to do.


same point here, to be there because that a lengthy time. Whenever human being were simply running approximately on the tiles and someone was spamming the wall button, sometimes it would generate a scorpion, spider, and an elite scarab, but none of us can figure out exactly how to recreate it.

On a side note, i love that it's tough to number out, and also that castle don't just give you the prize on a wall surface in prior of you. Supervisor frustrating, yes, however that just makes it more satisfying as soon as you lastly do figure it out.

I agree, and love the it was challenging. I wish it had been with a guild group and also we had been on vent instead of a pug and typing everything out. The difficulty in interaction was made worse through the fact that stuff kept spawning approximately us and also there were about 4 teams of mobs in the radius of the plates, therefore it to be pretty active.

It was actually among the more fun things I've done - i love challenging stuff prefer that. I guess I'll head back in there with some guildmates and see if we can't number it out after the servers come earlier up.

Can girlfriend click them all simultaneously? The achievement for perfect the puzzle is named: shed city team challenge. So ns think you have to do click every the buttons in ~ the very same time with a team of people. Call me if it functions :)

We only had 3 human being for many of the time, and also it was a pug, so sort of favor herding cats. We did spend probably 15 minute at that spot and did every little thing we might think of. We regulated to spawn the called beetle and also a pretty challenging mob called "spider guardian" or something like that. Us for sure tried was standing on all the two comparable combinations (ie. Beetle + beetle) and also hitting the wall surface button simultaneously, and did the very same for spider + spider, etc. Every time we hit the wall surface button, though, I acquired a blog post that the did nothing.

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I'm less certain that we regulated to pull turn off standing on every 3 different floor plates in ~ once and pushing the button. Ns instructed them to try it, however the fourth guy we had actually helping us was only there for choose 2 minutes and also I'm pretty certain he to be high or something because following instructions was not his strong suit.