With upgrade 28 en 29 there have actually been a lot of of transforms to the method of obtaining scrolls and also crystals. The imbuement is still the same and the revamp is still a long time away. Because that this overview we’ll focus on keeping it compact and streamlined.

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Step 1 gaining your base LI

In brief you’ll desire a Blemished prize of the elder king (FA symbol) or a discovered “class” “weapon” that the an initial age because that 50 Gift giver brands from any kind of Roving danger barterer. V the FA symbol, 2 emerald shards and also materials a crafter can make you your weapon. This will duty as the start of her LI.

Hardly any type of difference in between FA, SA or third age. The ide is come go through a an initial age.Passive bonuses are not worth redoing her LI’s for. 300 agility vs 60.000 at level 130.

For action 2 you’ll need 3-8 level 100 third ages to obtain the correct heritages you want.

Step 2 picking legacies for her LI

The many confusing and complex part is getting the correct heritages on your Unimbued LI. Regular weapons will certainly be available, but currently you will desire an imbued weapon. Specifically past level 120.

Before you press Imbue weapon you’ll desire to have actually 6 out 7 heritages you’ll desire on your last LI.

2.1 Finding her correct legacies

Find a source for the heritages you will certainly want. This have the right to be done from miscellaneous places.

Inspect a friend you trust and also copy those.Use websites with guides such together https://lotrohq.com/builds/ or https://www.lotrobasics.com/Raid focussed, but an extremely decent screenshots for LI’s.Basics may have actually sources because that non-raid alternatives and levelingForum, Youtube video clip guides or discordsWrite down the heritages you see

Legacy name have various names before and after imbuement. Some are noticeable while some space not. Examples

Before imbuePost-imbueComment
Bear form Damage (major)Bear type DamageEasy to notice
Grisly Cry fear Duration (minor)Cry DamageEffect change

For a full list the the legacies and their changes check out https://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Legendary_Legacies_Index

2.2 gaining your exactly legacies

With a perform of legacies and a fresh LI. This is the streamlined technique to imbuement (there space slight changes one have the right to make, yet this will certainly be the easiest and quickest way to imbue).

Identify your base LI and add item XP and reforge that till that level 60.You now should have actually a LI with 6 heritages take note of which girlfriend missRemember you’ll need only 6 out of the 7 legacies you chose on in step 2.1Replace any kind of legacies you don’t desire with traditions you do wantStart with any major legacies (you deserve to see those top top a lvl 1 TA)Replace minor heritages if you’re still not at 6 that 7 correct legaciesYou will have 1 *joker legacy after imbuement so if you’ve 6 out 7 legacies you are ready for imbuementGetting third ages and also legacies

All third ages drop on landscape or are put on the AH through some. Otherwise friend can discover them crafted, skirmish camp or melded.

Any significant legacies can be watched on a 3rd age without including xp. Start off through a 3rd age that has a significant legacy you need on her imbue list. Add enough xp to acquire it to level 31. Decoding it and take out any type of legacy girlfriend need. Best a boy one (easier come get major legacy).

3 – Imbuement and also best practices

Once did you do it imbued her LI you’ll want to add a couple of items to let it reach the full potential. An initial the few missing items you haven’t added in part 2.

3.1 – crystal of remembrance and scroll the delving

Add a decision of remembrance after ~ imbuement to obtain a empty legacy. This legacy have the right to be supplied to select any type of legacy indigenous a dropdown menu. Pick the lacking legacy girlfriend skipped the end of before in step 2.

Add a scroll of delving to gain an extra tier top top all legacies (equalling 7 scrolls of empowerment). If included before imbuement you’d get 1 free scroll of empowerment.


3.2 Anfalas scrolls of empowerment and also crystals

The scrolls will enable you come unlock extra maximum level of ability legacies. Crystals will unlock extra dps, heal legacy (top one). For whereby to get these see component 4.. The key thing come remember now is that these item unlock extra levels, the article xp in reality fill the legacies. Each improvement needs 30.000 items xp. Your main focus should it is in Crystals above scrolls.

3.3 Item experience runes


Heritage runes or article xp come from quests, barterers and also instances. If you setup to search for the foreseeable future friend don’t need to worry about getting extra runes. However if this is a new or extra LI when you’re level 130 friend will want to find extra runes.

Sources because that item xpquest tokens – nearly all quest tokens deserve to be bartered for heritage runesQuick instances – Halls that crafting, grand stairs, DN are fast instances with numerous chest that contain 50-100k runesCurrent the cross or objectives – to run instances for weeklies will gain you extra xp runes if operation in a larger group size. Missions are a quick and easy resource of repeatable item xp.Quickly maximizing pick legacies

Item xp is spread evenly across all possible legacies. You could want specific legacies to be maxed before others. When imbued all heritages will be unlocked. But after that point you have the right to selectively update legacies.

Maximize the present xp before adding/unlocking extra heritage levels. This will allow you come unlock 1 details legacy come it’s complete potential at a time. Making use of the xp you gain focussed top top 1 legacy. Execute be careful around wasting extra xp. If you usage a 600k rune with just 30k required the item will be totally consumed.

3.4 Gems, runes and also settings

Every level jump due to the fact that level 100 has actually added new types the gems, runes and settings to put in your LI beyond the ahead Tier 1-10 items. Dont problem too much while leveling since each new type is much superior climate the previous ones as the stats requirement has inflated.


One special kind of rune is worth an extra cite Rune of striking, binding or enchantment rise your basic damage/healing. In ~ level 115 they only come from instances, yet at level 120 and 130 castle come in various qualities. Quest tokens, circumstances drops or raid drops. These include roughly 25% damage/healing compared to not having actually one slotted (at 130).

At a later on stage there space crafted relics you can add. The recent ones native the Vale of the Anduin in combination with raids and also instances drop from Skarhald. Quite effective, but additionally quite high value or tough to attain. Or because that 5 elderslade supply package from a do guild leader at 130.

3.5 Weapon titles and also damage types

Nearly all opponents will have actually a greater mitigation to usual damage then other variants such as old dwarf or westernesse. Yet the one you’d desire is Beierland. This has the least reflect indigenous mob species or various other adverse effects.


At this time you have the right to choose any type of nice name or the cheapest choice you’d want. Except for tactical class items that can get 5% light, fire or lightning damage on them. Because that a full list that all alternatives visit this wiki page

However at 130 you deserve to get brand-new weapon titles (class items not easily accessible for 5 elderslade supply packs.

4 – Upgrading your legacies


You’ve favored to upgrade your damage and skill legacies. This is normally done by either Star-lit Crystals for dps/healing or Scrolls of empowerment for ability legacies. Usually v Anfalas execution of these.

These deserve to be gotten from game resources, instances or the keep (quite expensive). We’ll emphasis on repeatable sources as you’ll require plenty the those.

With a recent adjust by SSG there is a larger focus on act on-level contents for this items if playing solo. V this alot of extra alternatives have to be added, yet you do have to think about their maximum level. In basic solo contents awards items through a best level where group content awards (un)bound items the are totally free to use on any type of legacy.

4.1 Level locked items (solo content)

Quest tokens, unlocked day-to-day quests, unlocked weekly quests and missions award scrolls through a max level variety of 59 come 83.

AreaCostMax usage levelReward
Dol amroth15 quest tokens591 scroll
Osgiligath12 pursuit tokens641 scroll
Minas Tirith4 blacksmith tokens691 scroll
Waste dailyComplete742 scrolls
Waste weeklyComplete745 scrolls
Dale-lands weeklyComplete795 scrolls
Vales – BearsComplete833 scrolls
Vales – ElvesComplete833 scrolls
Vales – WoodmanComplete833 scrolls
Missions 15/15Complete83/713 scroll or 1 crystal
Missions 45/45Complete83/713 scroll or 1 crystal
Mission eldersladeComplete83/713 role or 1 crystal

While many content from level 120 and onward awards level 83 scrolls which is the present maximum.I’ve listed them under the level locked. 

4.2 complimentary use items (small team or instance content)

Most instances released since Level 120 have actually a opportunity to fall scrolls native the loot chests. The crystals can additionally drop native skirmishes and also level scaled instances. This drop 1 by 1. Below are the repeatable barter options.

Skirmish camp2523 marks and also 289 medallions1 scroll
Roving threat10 gift-giver brands1 scroll
Osgiligath rewards vendor3 morgul crests1 scroll
Osgiligath rewards vendor9 morgul crests1 crystal
Big battles90 stars the merit1 scroll
Big battles300 stars of merit1 crystal
Throne the the dread terror3 ancient ithil-coins1 scroll
Throne that the dread terror6 old ithil-coins1 crystall
Festival tokens40-120 tokens1 crystal
Pvmp1000 commendations1 scroll
Featured instanceSanity0-4 scrolls per day

4.3 Motes and ember option (level locked items)

While these barter choices are level locked. This scrolls and crystals space the easiest and mass-produced items you will want to use. These come in 2 variations, but the greater levels are too expensive. You’re better off acquiring free-to-use items native 4.2.

AreaCostMax use levelReward
Motes/embers100741 scroll
Motes/embers250581 crystal
Motes/embers1000791 scroll
Motes/embers2500631 crystal

5 effective farming

Each option will come at a time spent or a border on how plenty of times you deserve to run them. Listed below you’ll uncover a list of the alternatives to obtain the scrolls or crystals. What is the finest is walk to rely on her playstyle, grouping choices or time to spend.

5.1 Motes farming

At 100 motes per scroll and also 250 per crystal this the easiest method to gain your first batch unlocks. Motes can come from practically all content released ~ Mordor up to level 120. The greater the level and quality of gear the much more motes that will provide you.

Best – Kidzul kalah first boss farm

Doing this instance at level 120 7 times on Tier 1 + 2 +3 +1 +2 +3 +1 will awards friend on average 2000 motes and also 7 fall of IXP, scrolls/crystals.

Other options are Abyss that mordath, Glimmerdeep or Anvil the Winterstith. Other instances compensation motes, yet in much inferior quantities.

LP alts through 3 or 7 year anniversary boxes can open level 20 lootboxes v the complimentary keys awarded native the boxes. Besides various other rewards this will additionally give you motes.

5.2 Ember farming

At 100 embers every scroll and also 250 per crystal for the lower end versions these space a good source. The higher legacies come at too good a cost. Use the other sources for the critical unlocks. Every embers come indigenous max level activities and are also used to barter the 2nd best gear. Quiet it deserve to be easier to get embers then motes.

Best instance- stairway Elderslade

Available in day-to-day T1 or weekly greater tiers. Every loot have the right to be ashed for 100 or 200 embers a piece.

Other instances

Higher tier Minas Morgul, Remorchant or Threshold, Chambers or brand-new U29 instances easily accessible in weekly this instances gear can ashed because that 100 or 200 embers. Much more time consuming, but available if you run them for various other rewards.

Level 130 Weeklies

All available weeklies compensation embers on top of other valuable items. You will must unlock these weeklies by one of two people doing the searches deeds or be kindred v the factions

WeeklyEmbersOther rewards
8 Nazgul in Mordor besieged500VXP, 70 tokens, 1 shard
4 completed MM instances500VXP, 70 tokens, 1 shard
10 quests inside MM instance500VXP, 70 tokens, 1 shard
100 Imlad Sigils500VXP, 70 tokens, 1 shard
5 Limlok bounties300VXP
30 Copper coins elderslade500VXP, 70 tokens, 1 shard

5.3 Missions

With update 29 goals have become a decent option. As well as the motes you will now be vested multiple boxes. Weekly searches will offer you the selection of 3 scrolls and 1 crystal. V the new options girlfriend can choose either a crafting crate (1 Ithilharn Shard) or legendary box with 3 scrolls.

These new boxes and also weeklies are now also awarded to any lower level. Getting dual use of your lower level personalities leveling have the right to be fairly efficient

5.4 ancient Ithil Coins

Throne that the dread terror bosses and challenges award you with old ithil coins. Through a team size the 6 you can obtain 10 conveniently from 1st boss Rakothas or if you undertaking further in even more. Mumaks (boss 2) and also Vadokar (3rd boss) are usually done also by teams of 130’s. Bosses 4 to 6 space usually skipped early time investment. Friend can likewise choose to go in smaller sized groups and also earn an ext coins.

6 suggested route

How you invest your time or what alternatives you have available is up to you. If that your first character focus, you got an army of alts waiting for Rakothas or gained 1 really great geared character raiding the argued route have the right to be a mix of all above.

First character

Minas Tirith dailies, some large battles and continue enjoy it the game. Mix in some instances and use your motes to upgrade you LI. If you’ve imbued appropriately you’re normally fine approximately level 120. ~ this you’ll want to an initial upgrade her DPS heritage with crystals

One key character

Same as your very first character, but you deserve to start making use of embers, Mote farming, missions and any weeklies you may have actually unlocked. Throne is a an excellent option. Embers space usually finest used if she 130, yet planning on act any greater tier instances soon.

Funding a 2nd weapon or character

Do your normal tasks you’d do, but siphon off gold earned and embers for extra scrolls. Kidzul kala 7*, Rakothas and also Weeklies on your main. Stair T1 daily on alts for extra embers.

A many extra characters or raiding

Perhaps you raiding alot or have actually done a ton the Minas Morgul questing. Leverage those locks and also extra do boxes girlfriend get. Gold is your ideal friend as well. Having another char prepared to go deserve to be worth an ext than a tiny upgrade to 1 in the long run.

7 Replacing heritages or new LI’s

Some time has actually passed and a couple of patches have readjusted your class skills. That 200 vitality that was good for your runekeeper is now better served with a brand-new lightning skill. It’s feasible to replace single legacies without throwing the end your whole LI.

Imbued tradition replacement scrolls

This item will permit you to replace 1 tradition with the exact same drop down selection menu together the decision of remembrance provided you. It will certainly retain every the unlocks native the replaced legacy, however will require the item xp included again.

These items are difficult to come by (7 quest chains) and also only have 1 repeatable source ingame (Rakothas and Throne raid). But it’s generally cheaper to change 1 or 2 heritages then totally redo a LI.

Remaking a new LI

Of course there space exceptions to the rules. If you haven’t added any scrolls come an LI and also need to replace 4-5 traditions it’s going come be easier to start from scratch. It’s no often, yet for some situations its the desired method.

1 tradition replacement scroll equals 5 crystals or 10 scrolls (which both got different sources then ancient ithil coins or solitary quest rewards). It might be wise to spend the time to create a new LI.

8 – final note and also revamp

There are components that this overview hasn’t touch up on such as utilizing multiple LI, a common weapon or no-imbued LI’s. These will come into play in ~ the much top finish of gameplay. Yet for conventional use 1 correct LI will be enough.

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Legendary items revamp (soon ‘tm)

The inquiry to change the way LI works has been request for because the dawn that men. Don’t avoid upgrading her LI simply yet cause right now it’s more a whenever. While slated because that a perhaps end of 2020, it has turned into a very unlikely 2021 with just a little mention in this year’s producers letter.

“ For legend Items, our emphasis this year will be to rate up LI leveling because that players no at end-game and make our newer regions much more appealing for people working on your items.”