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Macaroni v the Chicken Strips describes an initial sound on tik in i beg your pardon a kid says, "macaroni with the chicken strips," and also then blissfully moans. The sound and also hashtag #macaroniwiththechickenstrips gained far-ranging attention on tiktok in February 2021, motivating lip dubs, skits and various remixes.

synxiny uploaded a video clip in which he looks in ~ a plateful that macaroni and cheese and chicken strips and also says, "macaroni through the chicken strips," then emits a soft moan. The video and account were gotten rid of soon after, shedding the initial sound and removing that from any kind of videos that used it. On February 8th, YouTuber<6>
pewpewdew re-renewed again the video, garnering over 66,000 views in 10 work (shown below).

Although the original sound and video clip no longer exist on TikTok, users were rapid to reupload it. For example, on February 8th, TikToker<7>
vg_n00b uploaded the sound end Call of Duty footage, perfectly synchronizing the moan through footage of a player being eliminated by a grenade, garnering over 290,000 views in 10 work (shown below, left). In the same expectations of time, the original sound was provided in over 3,300 videos, many similarly structured to synchronize the moan through a details event (most famous example presented below, right, garnering over 6.6 million views in 4 days).<8>

all4asjon uploaded a lip dub video clip using an initial upload of the audio clip, garnering end 209,000 see in ripe days (shown below, left). In the video, he gift one preferable trait top top one hand via on-screen-text during the words "macaroni," then another during "with the chicken strips" and also puts his hands with each other on the moan, implying the 2 things room a perfect match. The sound was offered in over 1,400 videos in the same span of time, plenty of of them participating in the trend. The most popular video clip following the tendency was uploaded by TikToker<12>

The initial sound has actually been uploaded through a number of other TikTokers, the videos come which space largely built up under the hashtag<13> #macaroniwiththechicken strips.

Ice Cream Sandwich Shorts Kirby Animation

On February 16th, 2021, YouTuber,<1> TikToker<2> and also webcomic creator ice cream Cream Sandwich man uploaded an animated video clip in i beg your pardon a hand-drawn version of the video game character Kirby, sitting in prior of a plate of chicken strips and also a bowl of macaroni lip dubs, "macaroni with the chicken strips," softly moans, lifts from his seat and also vanishes into thin waiting (shown below). The video gained over 482,000 views on YouTube and 2.3 million on tik in two days. He additionally posted the video to Twitter<3> that day, garnering over 44,000 likes and 10,000 retweets in the same expectations of time.

As the video clip spread it motivated TikTokers to use the sound over various video clips similar to ahead uploads that the sound (often gameplay indigenous Minecraft) where the moan in ice cream Cream Sandwich Guy"s video is timed to play together a character flies away or vanishes.

npc_man1 uploaded Minecraft footage set to the sound wherein the character is launched right into the sky in time with the moan, garnering over 5.8 million views in 2 days (shown below).

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On the day, Redditor /u/maxiscoolerthanyou shared the video to /r/YouTubeHaiku,<5> garnering over 1,200 upvotes in two days. On February 17th, TikToker<10>
silvos7 uploaded Minecraft footage set to the sound, garnering over 560,000 views in a day (shown below, left). On February 18th, TikToker<11>
thisisandrewtiktok posted synchronized Pirates the the Caribbean footage utilizing the sound, garnering over 700,000 views in under a work (shown below, right).