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Open the Mail app and go come Mail > Add Account. Pick Google > Continue, then click Open Browser for Google authentication.Next, go into your Gmail resolve and password, climate click Allow to give Google permissions. Select the apps to sync, climate click Done.

This article explains how to usage Gmail ~ above a Mac through syncing Gmail to the Apple mail application. Info in this article uses to Macs running macOS big Sur (11) through Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10)

just how to usage Gmail ~ above a Mac

The Mail app in macOS is like many other email clients, letting you add email accounts from your favorite email provider so the you have the right to send and receive email messages through ease. This means you can access your Gmail account through Mail.

When you usage Gmail on your Mac, you deserve to configure whether you accessibility your digital account through IMAP or POP, although Apple recommends making use of IMAP.


If you allowed two-step authentication, go into the code got by SMS or generated in an authentication app, and also then click Next.

Google lists the permissions you are approving macOS. Evaluation them and also then click Allow in ~ the bottom of the screen.

A list of apps appears. Click the check box alongside each application you want to sync, climate click Done. In addition to your mail, you have the right to opt come sync her Contacts, Calendars, and also Notes native Gmail.

If Gmail doesn"t work-related on your Mac after setup up the account, and also you permitted IMAP access, you could need to change the email server settings in Mail. Using IMAP with Gmail requires IMAP server settings. To usage Gmail via POP calls for that you permit POP with your Gmail account. If you perform that, friend might also need to enter the Gmail popular music server settings in Mail.

Other ways to access Gmail

Mail isn"t the only program the can accessibility Gmail ~ above a Mac. Girlfriend can also use totally free email clients because that Mac come download and send emails v your Gmail account. However, the setup instructions for those email clients are not the same as the measures above. They are similar and call for the exact same IMAP and also POP server information linked above.

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Another way to acquire to Gmail on your Mac is to access When you send and receive Gmail messages with a browser via that URL, you don"t need to worry about email server settings or downloading anything. It works in Safari and also other web browsers you can use.