When you’re grounding in gridlock traffic, you might do any kind of of the following things: scroll with your Instagram feed, fire increase a brand-new podcast, inspect yourself the end in the rearview mirror, bang her head ~ above the steering wheel, or flip turn off the male in prior of you.

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But one 24-year-old it worker in Jakarta, Indonesia, recently chose he had a far better idea for just how to happen the time. The hacked right into the nearest digital billboard and also streamed hardcore Japanese porn for frustrated sommos.netmuters come sommos.netmunally clock in horror, according to The everyday Mail.


Feeling bored on his afternoon sommos.netmute in the Indonesian capital, the male spotted the billboard’s log-in details shown on the videotron, therefore he broadcasted 10 minutes of the erotic flick Watch Tokyo Hot until the power was close up door off. 


Of course the befuddled drivers caught the stunt ~ above video:

Indonesian Hacking - Videotron / Billboard porn Movies in Jakarta

What would certainly probably simply pass together a hilarious prank in America became a significant crime in uber-conservative Indonesia, where accessibility to erotic sites is blocked. Police arrested the hacker, that could face up come 12 years in jail, follow to the BBC.

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