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Nearly 2 year after the season 2 finale, Amazon’s original sci-fi series, The male in the High Castle, is returning because that its third season ~ above October 5. While under the direction the Ridley Scott and X-Files producer open minded Spotnitz, the alternate history series has obtained widespread acclaim native The Guardian, Wired, and Entertainment Weekly, and also has likewise brought in 2 Emmy Awards for the an initial two seasons.

Based on Philip P. Dick’s dystopian novel, The guy in the High lock portrays a people in which the Axis Powers derived complete people domination after winning the 2nd World War. Control over the United says was separation into three territories. The Nazis manage the East, the Japanese control the West, and also the uncontrolled region in the center is called the Neutral Zone.

The collection revolves around these distinctive newsreel movies that show alternating realities from that of the collection and ours own. Lock are critical to the stability of the two superpowers. Hawthorne Abendsen, commonly known together “the guy in the High Castle,” is the leader of the Resistance and collector that the films.

Protagonists Juliana Crane and her boyfriend, candid Frink, live in san Francisco under the Japanese Pacific States. Juliana’s sister, Trudy Walker, to be gunned under by the Kempeitai (the Japanese police) over her involvement v Resistance. Figured out to complete her sister’s mission, she packs she bags and also heads come the Neutral ar to find the Resistance.Upon arriving, she is befriended by one undercover Nazi agent, Joe Blake, who is tasked to uncover where the rest of the films are, yet they space chased the end of the Neutral Zone through a gunslinging Marshall. Juliana and Joe go back to San Francisco to track down a brand-new film, yet after Joe’s identification is revealed in the brand-new film, Juliana lets Joe escape v the new film and in return puts herself in the Resistance’s crosshairs. She is required to surrender herself to the Reich, wherein she is take away in and also sent to new York come live v Obergruppenführer man Smith’s family.

Nobusuke Tagomi is the Japanese trade Minister in san Francisco, that was maybe to achieve the designs for the Nazi’s atom weapons through a spy. However, when the Japanese army ends up planning come preemptively win the Reich, Tagomi is shocked and also dismayed because he assumed he would bring peace. Tagomi believes that Juliana is destined because that something greater, however doesn’t know exactly how or even why.

Feeling overwhelmed, Tagomi meditated with Juliana’s necklace in his hand just to find himself immersed in a new reality—1960’s Americana. Here he discovers the his wife and also son space actually alive, and that Juliana is the mommy of his grandson. Upon return to his reality, that brings back a film, proof of his travels throughout the multiverse.

Moving to new York detailed Juliana an opportunity to look for out George Dixon, her sister’s father and also Resistance member. Abendsen discovered Dixon dead in alleyway in one of the only movies where san Francisco hadn’t been ruined by a nuke. He want Juliana to find him due to the fact that he believes that Dixon is the crucial to avoiding a atom war in between the 2 powers.

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Obergruppenführer john Smith is a cruel high-ranking member of the Reich that would carry out absolutely noþeles to defend his family. His son, Thomas, developed muscular dystrophy, i beg your pardon is additionally the same condition Smith’s brother passed away from. The Smith household must save Thomas’ condition secret, yet this is jeopardized when Dixon do the efforts to expose Thomas’ condition. To safeguard Thomas, Juliana kills Dixon in the exact same alleyway depicted in the Abendsen film. Although her decision to defend Thomas saved numerous lives, thomas surrendered self to it is in euthanized by the Reich to safeguard his father’s name after finding out that he came to be the brand-new leader that the Reich.

Amazon released comprehensive information about the upcoming season stating, “ works through Trade Minister Tagomi to interpret the secret of the last remaining films. Meanwhile, as tensions in between the Reich and the Empire continue to rise, Joe Blake returns from Berlin…where he and also Juliana reunite and come come a turning point in their relationship.” They also said, “Helen takes drastic action to defend her family members while they struggle with the after-effects of Thomas’ death, and Smith to learn of a shocking and ambitious brand-new Nazi program that has personal and worldwide ramifications.”