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Check the your sommos.netstory.exe document version is correct(right-click sommos.netStory.exe record > properties > Details tab)
2.An example of the file properties for game version v1.51.

1.Download Asiasoft Network Diagnostic device from this link:
2.Right-click ~ above the downloaded file and select “Run as Administrator”.
3.Click “YES” if User Account regulate is prompted for permission to run home windows Command Prompt.
4.Tool will begin to troubleshoot.
5.Do not close the note window. It will auto-close as soon as tests are completed.
6.Results will be saved as “AS_Latency_Check.txt” in the Windows’ desktop.
7.Attach the file and email it come sg.cs

If you have done the diagnostic by using the tool above, here we have an additional tool to check how our servers course to your computer.


1.Go come Latency Checker. Choose “sommos.netStory” from the game list and click “Run Test”.
2.If the connection/routes room bad, you re welcome copy the results and email them to sg.cs

Mouse over her IGN in ~ the bottom left of the screen.


Q.How to check out the latency?
A.Ping time is calculated in milliseconds(ms). Usually it suggests the time taken for your signal to travel from your computer to the servers and earlier again. Generally, the lower the ping time, the far better the connection. Your link is most stable as soon as your ping time is
Q.My latency all of sudden jumped from roughly 60ms come 1,000ms but this just lasted around 10 seconds before it went back down to 60ms.
A.This is what us term as a lag spike. This problem is generally intermittent and affected by your web connection. Submit in a Troubleshooter check report if the problem continues come persist over duration of time.
Q.My latency reading has been constantly fluctuating between 60ms come 1,000ms(or higher) for the past 30 minutes.
A.You will should perform the Troubleshooter test to create a report, which is come be it is registered to us via email.
Q.My latency has been constantly reading at an ext than 300ms of issue faced for the previous 30 minutes, which has actually never happened before.
A.You will need to perform the Troubleshooter test to generate a report, i m sorry is come be submitted to united state via email.
Q.How carry out I perform the Troubleshooter test?

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You can check out our step-by-step guide here.