Marvel Collector Corps is a subscription crate that sends out exclusives toys and also collectibles indigenous Funko/Marvel. This crate ships bi-monthly and constantly has a theme – and the featured subject is polite War!

My Subscription seeks paid for this box. (Check the end the review procedure post come learn an ext about exactly how we review boxes.)


The Subscription Box: Marvel Collector Corps Limited execution Year One Box

The Price: $125

The Products: limited execution exclusive Funko products

Ships to: US and Worldwide

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Funko and Marvel team up to lug us the first, every exclusive, Funko box just over a year ago. Come celebrate, they readily available the chance for subscribers to buy this restricted edition Year One crate – how might I pass it up!


They consisted of a card, patch, and also pin – each commemorating the very first year the the subscription. I love the picture with every the Funko vinyl figures we received throughout the year.


They also had info around each items in package on the reverse side.


Captain America gold Hikari – worth $29 on pop Price Guide

This to be the ‘hero’ items of the box. This is an exclusive yellow Hiraki figure. Honestly, I never ever would have guessed the a Hikari number would be the featured item of a box prefer this considering we never ever receive castle on a typical basis – and it doesn’t seem like collectors seek out Hikari figures.


To peak it off, mine is broken. Cap shed the wing off of his helmet in shipping – ns haven’t heard ago from customer treatment yet, yet it’s only been 24 hours. Ns assumed that these were highly collectible/valuable – but POP Price Guide, i beg your pardon aggregates sales background of Funko items, tells a different story.


Hobgoblin POP – worth $105 on popular music Price Guide

Ok – this is the ideal item in the box, yes sir no debating that. But, I can have never guessed that to be valued so highly! people are purchase this on eBay indigenous $75-$125 for just this single POP. Value aside – how an excellent is this POP! that an amazing idea to use his flier together the stand. Hands down THE article of the box.


Ant-Man Dorbz – value $19 on pop Price Guide

The following exclusive is an Ant-Man Dorbz figure. This is the very first appearance the Ant-Man in normal-size Dorbz type (he has a giant sized Dorbz vinyl). This looks the very same as the huge one, though.


She-Hulk Dorbz – value $19 on pop Price Guide

The last vinyl number is this She-Hulk Dorbz. Like Ant-Man, this is her an initial appearance in the Dorbz line. I’m still not the greatest Dorbz fan, however I favor both in this box.


I to be Groot cap – worth $15?

I was surprised to view a hat in the Year One box. Ns assumed it’d be all distinct edition vinyl figures, so this to be the 2nd item the really threw me.

They seem to yes, really be pushing their POP top lately, so i wouldn’t be surprised to check out them in the following DC or Marvel box also.


These room snapback hats and also include the Groot logo design on the back.

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Verdict: This was among the an ext disappointing boxes i have ever received. Together a Funko fanatic, I expected a large box complete of incredible POPs – definitely an ext than 1 POP for the $125 price tag. Instead, they chose the Hikari item was the large item – and the value confirms my hesitation – there aren’t countless collectors the end there who value it choose Funko did. The worth of the single POP in the box might save package from a value viewpoint – however from a collector’s viewpoint, friend couldn’t have actually missed much broader of the note than this. I deserve to only assume fine be see Year One boxes because that Smuggler’s Bounty and Legion the Collectors – so i hope they take it feedback and readjust the next limited edition boxes castle offer. Ns was downright giddy because that this box, ns couldn’t buy it rapid enough, so that was exceptionally disappointing come unbox it.