National signing work is Feb. 1, 2017. will save track of all the football player who have committed to the Wolverines and will proceed to upgrade the course as it grows. Inspect out the perform of those who have actually committed through some detailed information on the players and also links to stories about them.

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St-Juste attend Jim Harbaugh’s “Exposure U” camp in the summer of 2015, was available a scholarship and also committed quickly after. The Canadian reclassified come the 2017 class, is the No. 37 cornerback and No. 332 recruitment overall and also is already enrolled in classes in ~ Michigan. St-Juste is the recent Cégep du Vieux player to do his means to Ann Arbor, following lettermen Deitan Dubuc, Alain Kashama, Emmanuel Casseus and Renaldo Sagesse every prepped there.

After Speaking with my Parents and Coaches, ns am blessed to say, I have committed come The university of Michigan

— kurt Taylor (

Taylor was the very first running back, and third player overall, to commit come Michigan’s 2017 class when that pledged on Oct. 16, 2015. He transferred from Newton High school to Grayson prior to his an elderly year and is the No. 53 running earlier and No. 897 recruit all at once in the 2017 class.

I'm excited come announce the I'm committing come The college Of Michigan #goblue 〽️

— Hollywood (

Hall cursed to Michigan ~ above Dec. 5, 2015 and also is already enrolled in classes. The is the No. 30 offensive tackle and also No. 316 recruit as whole in the 2017 class.

After much consideration, ns am really proud come announce I have actually committed to the college of Michigan! #GoBlue

— Dylan McCaffrey (

McCaffrey is the boy for former NFL recipient Ed McCaffrey and also younger brother of NFL recipient Max McCaffrey and also Stanford All-American running back Christian McCaffrey, that is preparing for the 2017 draft. McCaffrey, who committed to Michigan on Feb. 15, 2016, is the No. 5 pro-style quarterback and also No. 123 recruitment overall. He was called the Gatorade Player of the Year in Colorado and selected to play in the U.S. Military All-American Bowl.

Ross is the younger brother of former Michigan linebacker James Ross and, as a senior, he helped lead Orchard Lake St. Mary's to a third straight department 3 state title. That is the No. 8 inside linebacker and also No. 214 player in its entirety in the 2017 class.

Woods cursed to Michigan on march 28, 2016 and is already enrolled in classes. He's the No. 29 safety and No. 385 recruit overall in the 2017 class.

Paea, that is related to Michigan defensive tackle Bryan Mone, committed to the Wolverines top top April 2, 2016. He's the No. 37 defensive tackle and No. 461 player as whole in the 2017 class.

Samuels took an unofficially visit during Michigan’s feather game and also committed on April 3, 2016. He's the No. 21 running ago and No. 277 player all at once in the 2017 class.

Mason, that committed to Michigan on may 3, 2016, was named the Gatorade Player the the Year in Connecticut together a senior. He's the No. 32 inside linebacker and No. 806 player overall in the 2017 class and is currently enrolled in classes in ~ Michigan.

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Malone-Hatcher committed to Michigan on June 2, 2016 and is currently enrolled in classes. He's the No. 20 weak-side protective end and also No. 290 player all at once in the 2017 class.

Jim Harbaugh being 'different' at heart of Corey Malone-Hatcher's commitment to Michigan

Proud come announce that ns am cursed to THE university of Michigan 〽️ #GoBlue #BluePrint17

— Luiji Vilain ⁶