In this guide I will certainly tell you guys the three bottle places to cause the song Rusty Cage through Johnny Cash. There are three bottles comparable to the teddy bear areas on all other zombies maps, and once triggered it will play a song.

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Before I obtain going I will certainly say that, if you need further help finding the three bottles inspect out my video that I have actually attached below that talk about and display the 3 locations, and also play a tiny bit that the track for you. Also if you reap the video clip and the guide, i ordered it to mine channel so you can stay on height of every my guides that i post, and also videos I write-up to help you men with findingand doing strategies on assorted maps.

What space the 3 bottles

The three bottles i am introduce to are similar to the 3 teddy bears all of the zombie maps have actually had. These teddy bears when activated hold X ~ above the xbox controller or the comparable button on various other controllers and also platforms, will make a ping noise. As soon as you have actually all three ping noises, and have found and activated the bears, then a tune will play. Every zombie map has had a track play even if it is it has actually been a Treyarch original, Avenged Sevenfold song, or currently a Johnny Cash song. Now lets talk about the measures for mob of the Dead and also activating those bottles.

The three locations

Okay males so allows talk about where friend can find these three bottles and unlock Rusty Cage through Johnny Cash. Mental if you want to see video clip footage that all areas and part of the song, just click on my video clip below, and that will present you everything that you need to know.

The first Bottle - The very first bottle is located in the spawn room. Once you start off, head come the room whereby the olympia shotgun is located, and look top top the bookshelf that is straight to the right. Right here on the 2nd or third shelf you will watch a party on that side. Below is whereby you room going to want to hold the X button (XBOX) and also then you will certainly hear a ping noise.

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The second Bottle - The second bottle is located on the docks. This is in between where the Thompson Sub an equipment gun is located, and also where the mystery box is located. Once you are on the docks, go near where the afterlife device is located, and in the corner behind few of the crates is a party that is stand up. Here is wherein you are going to want to struggle X and also that is party number 2.

The 3rd Bottle - The 3rd bottle is situated when you are going towards the roof. When you pass electrical cherry keep walking as if you room going to the roof. If you reach the room in the dogs, rotate around, and also head into the room where the box deserve to spawn. Right here you will view a an extremely dark table, and the party is not noticeable unless your brightness is high, yet hold X roughly these tables and also you will trigger the 3rd bottle. Top top triggering the third bottle friend will begin Rusty Cage by Johnny Cash.



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Overall the track is pretty cool, and the bottles space pretty simple to get.. If you favored my guide, mental to below to mine Youtube Channel, and follow me on Twitter for future guides.. Many thanks for reading ;)