Kushala Daora is just one of the couple of Elder dragons in Monster Hunter World, and they"re the toughest team of every the beasts friend can challenge off against. In this Monster Hunter people Kushala Daora guide, we"ll it is in walking you through how to kill Kushala Daora in Monster Hunter World, including details top top its attacks, weaknesses, and also more.

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Monster Hunter civilization How to kill Kushala Daora

In order come track down Kushala Daora, you’ll an initial have to loss Nergigante, the introductory Elder Dragon hit of Monster Hunter World, and also you’ll then have actually to uncover all the blue tracks of an Elder Dragon in the old Forest. We"d recommend starting out native the Southwest Camp that the ancient Forest, and steadily working way into the facility of the map, making certain to pass v the good Jagras nest, and also into the north reaches that the map.

Although the monitor of Kushala Daora room randomized in the ancient Forest, you"re nearly always guarantee to discover them near the open an ar in the south of the map, where the great Jagras frequently preys top top Kestadon. Save in mind the if you"re struggling to uncover tracks for the Elder Dragon, you have the right to simply leave out that the region and re-enter from Astera, together all the monitor will have reset however the tracking meter itself will continue to be at the exact same level.


As through Nergigante, we’d strongly recommend firing off an SOS Flare after ~ the cutscene is over, come summon hunters to aid you take down Kushala Daora. This Elder Dragon is gifted through the element of wind, and nearly all its an effective attacks involve that generating gusts of air through its wings to shoot throughout the battlefield in a line, or climbing up in the air and also creating a tornado under it. You’ve gained to be specifically careful not endeavor too nearby to any tornadoes left by Kushala Daora, as they’ll temporarily stun you, i beg your pardon can quickly be a deadly error versus an Elder Dragon.

Monster Hunter people Kushala Daora Weaknesses

Since no armor in MHW has actually stats against wind damage, you’d be much better off equipping the armor collection that gives you the finest defense values against Kushala Daora. The Dragon of stole doesn’t actually have a huge selection of attacks, yet the attacks that the does traction off can be devastating. When you’re increase close to Kushala Daora, it can execute two fast swipes if you’re straight in front of it, or an attack where that whips it tail approximately if you’re stand behind it. Avoiding these is fairly simple, but you’ll basically desire to keep relocating when fighting the Dragon of steel in near quarters.


As because that ranged attacks, the Kushala Daora has a fairly simple however devastating attack where it pounces throughout the battlefield in a directly line, and also to stop this all you need to do is dodge to either next of the attack. Alternatively, the Elder Dragon have the right to rise up right into the air, sending out multiple gusts the wind down in the direction of you. While these could not cause a large amount of damage, they will certainly stun you for a short amount that time, letting Kushala Daora come slamming under on optimal of you for large damage.


When you’ve handle a far-reaching amount of damages to the Dragon of Steel, it’ll retreat come the top reaches the the Elder’s Recess region in area 4, wherein you’ll have actually a challenging final battle. This area is fairly small and also closed off, meaning it’s incredibly easy for Kushala Daora to cut off whole sections of the battlefield by generating tornadoes. To counter this, have actually your Palico equip the Flashfly Cage, and use the whenever Kushala Daora rises up right into the air, together it’ll send it plummeting straight down again before it can strike from the air.

This can conclude our overview on how to defeat the an effective Kushala Daora in MHW, yet if you need anything rather on the enormous game, head end to our finish weapons overview page, or our guide to the ideal armor in the game.

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