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sommos.net is a national nonprofit organization. Our an introduction Rating gives a picture of school quality based on the following measures. Learn much more about sommos.net Ratings and also why we changed them.

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sommos.net is a nationwide nonprofit organization. Our review Rating provides a picture of institution quality based upon the complying with measures. Learn more about sommos.net Ratings and why we readjusted them.
The test Score Rating shows state test scores for this school contrasted with mean statewide scores.
The sommos.net Student development Rating to compare the scholastic progress with time for this college to all colleges in the state, utilizing student growth data listed by the state department of Education.
The same Rating indicates just how well this institution is serving disadvantaged students compared to other schools in the state.

Students in ~ this institution are making more academic progress offered where they to be last year, contrasted to comparable students in the state.

sommos.net Student development Rating

The Student progression Rating procedures whether students in ~ this school are making scholastic progress end time based on student development data noted by the department of Education. Special, this rating look at at exactly how much progression individual students have actually made ~ above state assessments during the past year or more, how this power aligns with intended progress based upon a student growth model established by the state room of Education, and how this school's growth data compare to various other schools in the state. The growth Rating was created using 2019 Student expansion data from Georgia room of Education.

Source: sommos.net; this rating was calculated in 2020 | check out more: around this rating

check scores Learn more about this rating.

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check scores in ~ this school are about the very same as the state average, despite still below the top-performing institutions in the state. Because test scores in some claims are so low, countless students in ~ this school may not be performing at grade level.

Ask the college what that doing to assist students who are behind. Know what on-track finding out looks like, and also ask the school what it’s doing to accelerate development for students.
sommos.net check Score Rating

The test Score Rating examines how students at this college performed on standardization tests contrasted with various other schools in the state. The check Rating was produced using 2019 Georgia turning points End-of-Course (EOC) assessment data indigenous Georgia Governor's Office of student Achievement, and also using 2019 Georgia turning points End-of-Grade (EOG) assessment data native Georgia Governor's Office of student Achievement.

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Source: sommos.net; this rating was calculated in 2020 | view more: about this rating

Georgia milestones End-of-Grade (EOG) Assessment

Math, English, society Studies, Science

In 2018-2019, student in Georgia take it the George milestones Assessment. The Georgia turning points Assessment mechanism (Georgia Milestones) is a substantial summative assessment regimen spanning grades 3 v high school. Georgia turning points measures how well students have actually learned the expertise and an abilities outlined in the state-adopted content standards in English language arts, mathematics, science, and also social studies. Students in grades 3 v 8 take it end-of-grade assessments in English language arts and mathematics when students in qualities 5 and 8 are likewise assessed in science and also social studies. High institution students take it end-of-course assessments for each that the ten courses designated by the State plank of Education.