I am having a weird issue where just one single movie in my collection won't show up. I added the movie the road. It is titled The Road (2009) which is how almost all my other movies are named in the collection. For some reason it does not show up in plex no matter how many times I have it rescan the library. It is not under R for road or T for the road and when I search road in plex I get plenty of other items with the word road but not that one. I have never seen an issue like this so I am confused.

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It may have been mismatched and could have been picked up as something else. Are you seeing any items that you are sure aren't correct or seeing any duplicates?

Browse your library by folder and navigate to the folder the movie is in. You'll be able to see the file there and will probably see that it's incorrect matched to a different title, which is an easy fix.

Alternatively you could try to sort by date added (might be quicker depending on your folder structure, and if it is detected by plex at all)

This has happened to me before. The fix: remove the movie to a folder outside of the Plex library. Then run a manual library scan/update. Then move the movie back and scan/update again.

Yup. Had a file that was "movie.avi.dsdownload". The file was complete and worked fine but Plex didn't recognize it. Renamed extension to simply .avi and it showed up right away.

Just to add on to possible solutions, I would double check the permissions of the file. If the Plex "user" does have read access it will ignore the file and it won't show up.

Reboot the computer running Plex server. For me, I had updated Plex, thought it restarted and I added a movie. Never showed up. Rebooted and it showed up.

Same problem with the same movie. This isn't exactly a perfect solution but what works for me when this happens is pasting it into a new source folder. Usually picks it up then.

Are you using Linux? Everytime this happens, I check the folder permissions and find I need to fix it so that Plex can read the file.

Thanks for all the solutions everyone. Removing then scanning deleting copies and optimizing database then re adding and scanning worked. Coulda sworn I already tried that but it actually worked this time. It was on windows 10 being hosted by computer. Being watched on windows computer and a ps3 plex app.

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