when Gavin Verhey to be eleven, that dreamt of a job making sommos.net cards—and now as a sommos.net designer, he"s living his dream! Gavin has actually been writing about sommos.net since 2005.

War that the Spark is truly a sommos.net set like no one other. If you"ve to be paying fist to the story, it"s a substantial deal: every little thing has converged at this one place, at this one time. The crafty dragon Nicol Bolas and also all his very closely laid schemes have all gathered to this one, climactic set.

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There"s a ton come dig into there. The entire collection is oozing with flavor and story. If you"ve to be following along with our heroes, there"s a ton to notice.

But if girlfriend haven"t been following along, that"s entirely okay. Not just is the a good time come learn an ext about it, but the collection is filled come the brim v exciting and wild new cards—most notably, tons and also tons of planeswalkers. There should be a planeswalker in Every. Single. Booster.

We"ve never ever done something quite prefer this before.

And where"s the location to inspect out the collection before anywhere else? The Prerelease!

A Prerelease is an event, good for all players brand-new and old, celebrating the release of a new set. Which out, and also get to play through the cards prior to anybody else!

So, what deserve to you expect at a Prerelease? read on!

Release the Spark

Prereleases room my favorite sommos.net events of the year.

No matter where in the human being I am or what time the year that is, ns always try going the end to a regional Prerelease. And I"m not alone: loads of sommos.net players, indigenous seasoned veterans come folks just starting out, execute the same! Prereleases are among the most popular events we throw.

Why? due to the fact that Prereleases are just some that the many fun you deserve to have play sommos.net!

There"s nothing quite choose it. You gain to sit down, pick up some brand-new cards, and figure out just how you desire to use them in ~ the exact same time everybody rather is. It"s an even playing field in a casual environment, whereby everybody shares all the bubbling energy and also excitement roughly a brand-new sommos.net set!

I went to my very first Prerelease when I was simply eleven and instantly dropped in love v the event. Eighteen years later, not too much has actually changed—and Prereleases are better than ever!

Prereleases are an excellent because the set is entirely new, the footing is relatively equal together everybody plays through the set for the very an initial time, and you"re all just relaxing and having fun exploring the new cards. It"s just a the majority of fun because that players old and new alike!

If you"re a Sealed Deck veteran, you may want to skip front to the next section, where I talk around some the the distinctions you deserve to expect in ~ your neighborhood store for War the the Spark. Yet if you"re brand-new to the vast world that Sealed Deck, or are perhaps just searching for a couple of extra pointers, then read on!

All right. So, let"s go over probably the most necessary part: detect a ar to beat a Prerelease. ~ all, girlfriend can"t very well play if you don"t know where come go. How can you go around that?

If girlfriend don"t currently have a regional shop girlfriend frequent, be certain to examine out the keep locator to uncover one close to you. That save may even offer preregistration. Prereleases are several of the many popular events we put on, therefore be certain to check and also see if the save preregisters. The ideal time to uncover out if an event is complete is decidedly not once you present up and learn friend can"t play, so be sure to plan ahead.

Have you uncovered your store? Excellent!

Now it"s time to look ahead and also prepare for the event. While you will certainly be building your deck because that the event with cards you"re offered when you acquire there, there"s lot of to carry out besides just that.

Be sure to load all the offers you will need for your very own War of the Spark! for example, you might still desire to carry a standard deck to play because that fun in between rounds, a profession binder, pen and paper to keep track of life, and even a water bottle.

A Prerelease occasion tends to take around 4–5 hours, therefore make sure to collection aside sufficient time for the whole event. And also you"re walking to require some fuel with every one of that battling, therefore you might want to carry something choose a protein bar or apple or Dragon jerky, or everything else you prefer to snack on. (You may want to examine with the save as well; they might even market some food there!)

Okay now, let"s see. You have a store selected on her map, and you"ve fill your pack with every little thing you"ll need. You"ve even read through the current sommos.net Story, for this reason you"re increase to day on what"s been going on to bring us come this point. And, that course, you"ve bring away a look at at every the amazing cards in the War of the Spark Card image Gallery. Perhaps, if you were curious what a tournament can be like, you can have viewed my article conveniently title "Your very first Tournament."

You"re every set! currently it"s time to actually go and open up several of those cards!

Starting your War

Okay. So, you"re going to sit down and play. What have the right to you expect to get?

Well, we"re top top the plane of Ravnica—but this collection isn"t around guilds. It"s about the war of the Spark! So, if you started recently and also got provided to the past two times where you determined a guild, things room going to be a little more traditional this time around.

Everyone will obtain a crate that looks favor this:


Inside, you"ll get six War of the Spark boosters. Plus, a random stamped rarely or mythic rare card as your Prerelease foil that might be any kind of rare or mythic rare in the set! And you"ll likewise get a stamped foil planeswalker card, which can be any of the planeswalkers in the set (uncommon, rare, or mythic rare)!

Then, that course, you"ll obtain a pair other goodies—like a spindown life respond to to save track of your life total. Let"s simply crack one open and also take a look!


Excellent! many of the offers you need.

And, the course, front and also center are those booster packs. Let"s talk about what to do with those next!

First points first: crack open up those booster packs! Then, you"ll have actually a stack of cards.

So . . . What now?

It"s time to construct your deck, the course!

Sealed Deck is a little different from regular deck building. You gain to build a deck using just the cards in prior of you, plus together many simple lands as you"d like. Also, unlike a normal built deck whereby the minimum deck dimension is 60, you only need to play 40 cards.

The very first thing you"re walking to desire to execute is number out a an approach to pick which colour you"ll it is in playing. Ns recommend playing two colors. You have the right to sometimes "splash" because that a third color, however in basic you"ll want to pick two to be your core.

Some things that may attract you into details colors are:

A really solid rare you"re excited about;Plenty that "removal" cards the can attend to your opponent"s creatures;A lot of playable cards in that color; orA an excellent "mana curve" in that color—meaning several creatures of various costs;

Ideally, the colour you choose will have all four, however if two or three of those are true, that"s lot of good.

Whatever your method, you"re walking to should narrow down what you"re playing. If you acquire stuck at the Prerelease, feel cost-free to asking the players about you for help. (You are permitted to do this at a Prerelease; everyone is there to make sure it"s a fun event!)

Now you have your color down. Native there, exactly how do friend take everything you have and also figure out which 22–23 cards you"re going to desire to placed in her deck?

Here"s one process that may help!

First, lay her creatures out in mana-cost order. This help you check out what creatures you"re going come potentially have the ability to cast in ~ each component of the game. (Don"t lay your noncreatures out at this point unless they"re cards you space planning come play as shortly as you have actually that much mana—for example, you will generally actors a Pouncing Lynxon rotate two, whereas Divine arrow isn"t generally a turn-two play.)

A good "mana curve" the creatures is an important to a successful Sealed deck. Friend don"t desire to have actually a ton the cards at any solitary spot in the curve. It"s essential for friend to have a great mix for this reason you can play your cheap spells in the beforehand game and also your expensive spells in the so late game. Together a an extremely general rule for Limited, I would certainly look come play something choose this:

1 mana: 0–22 mana: 4–63 mana: 3–54 mana: 2–45 mana 1–36+ mana: 0–2


That"s much from hard and fast, but it"s a good place to start. Cull your creatures under to these numbers by picking your favorites.

Now the you have actually your main point creature base figured out, it"s time to add in spells! choose your favorites amongst your colors to carry your deck come 22 or 23 cards, and also then you"re great to walk from the spell side.

The spells you"re walk to want the most are what are referred to as "removal spells"—these space the spells that permanently neutralize your opponent"s creatures by either dealing damage, keeping them tapped, or just straight-up destroying them. Sealed Deck sommos.net is all about creatures, therefore you"ll desire to play many of the cards in her colors that can remove your opponent"s creatures.

If you desire to learn much more about mana curves, girlfriend can additionally check out my write-up on exactly how to build a mana curve by clicking here.

Interested in much more tips? here are a few more points to store in mind for deck building:

You can play an ext than 40 cards, yet you really have to stick to 40 if possible. Every map you play previous 40 just method it"s that much less likely you"re walk to draw that awesome rare you placed in her deck.The land ratio you"re looking at need to be about 17 lands to 23 nonlands. This isn"t best 100% the the time, however most minimal decks finish up looking prefer this, and, in general, it"s what ns would desire to have.Play a mix that cheap-to-cast and also expensive-to-cast cards. If you have all cheap, small creatures, then a single huge creature have the right to shut you down. If you have actually all large, high-quality creatures, girlfriend risk obtaining run over first. Stick to a mix that focuses on the two, three, four, and also five casting–cost creatures. Much more games of Sealed Deck room won by casting a biology every turn beginning on rotate two or three than any type of other way.Evasion is important! Often, Sealed Deck games will gain into stalls wherein both players have a the majority of creatures and neither player can attack an extremely well. Creatures through abilities favor flying ensure that you can break v these creature stalls.War the the Spark has a an excellent amount that mana fixing. It is possible to splash a third color if you open up the best cards. However, uneven you are truly a honed veteran, i would try and refrain from playing more than 3 colors—as tempting as it may be!Unlike most sommos.net formats, Sealed tends to be a little slower. If your deck is top top the slow-moving side, picking to draw (go second) fairly than beat (go first) can be reasonable to offer yourself the extra card.Two-Headed Giant

Some stores also support a version of Sealed Deck referred to as Two-Headed Giant(often abbreviation "2HG"), where 2 players team up against other bag of players. Every pair gets 2 Prerelease boxes native which the players construct their decks. (If you"ve had actually a chance to shot out the Battlebond collection from last year, you may currently be familiar!)

How does it work?

Well, the straightforward version is this: you and also your teammate occupational together to construct two 40-card decks. Then, you play against another pair of football player in a one-game match.

How walk this kind of multiplayer pat out? It"s simple: all your creatures and lands space separate, but you every share the same 30-point life total and take your turns simultaneously—plus you can block because that each other too! To carry out the ideal you can, you"ll must work with each other to overcome the opposition.

Curious to learn more about just how 2HG works and also some of the intricacies the play? Be certain to examine out the web page all around it by clicking here.

Open Dueling

If the idea of spending a day playing a competition doesn"t right into just how you choose to play sommos.net, or if you have less time and just desire to fight as you"re available, you deserve to get associated in open Dueling!

You get a ready-to-play 60-card Planeswalker Deck and use that to execute battle against others participating in open up Dueling, including players participating in the key tournament that are in between rounds. This is a an excellent way come dip your toe right into the water if you aren"t certain the Prerelease is something you want to execute or if girlfriend can"t go 5 hours to a Prerelease event. You have the right to just play games in open up Dueling at your own leisure. Plus, it"s fun!

Ask your regional store around Open Dueling at the Prerelease, and prepare come battle!

Boxing Day

Okay, not fairly that holiday. (Though, admittedly, a Prerelease kind of feels like a holiday!)

Something relatively new to Prerelease is the capacity to actually choose up a box at the Prerelease!

That"s right: if you preorder a crate ahead the time, you deserve to actually buy your box and also bring it home (or cracked it all open there!) ideal away. Call your local store for much more details.

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Similarly, friend can also buy Planeswalker Decks ~ above Prerelease day as well. Open up Dueling or no—feel complimentary to pick up a deck and also get come battling!

The Mechanics of War

There room some brand-new and return mechanics in War that the Spark—plus lots of planeswalkers!

If you"re curious around how any type of of this work, examine out the mechanics overview—or watch this videos:

What battle Is good For

This set is a really unique and also fun experience. Even if it is you"re brand-new to Prereleases or have actually played in 30 the them, this is other absolutely worth checking out.

So gather up her friends, take another look through the Card photo Gallery, make certain you"re preregistered in ~ your neighborhood store, and get all set to come out to the Prerelease and also have fun!

Have any type of thoughts or questions? wonder what come expect? I"m happy to hear indigenous you! Feel totally free to send them my way. Girlfriend can constantly get in call with me by sending out me a tweet, message me top top Instagram, emailing me, or questioning a concern on mine Tumblr. I check out everything!

This collection is a culmination that a many storylines, a many of difficult work. . . And a the majority of planeswalkers! have actually a blast!