I had actually expected this series to surprise me at the very least a tiny at part point, and at an initial this illustration didn"t look promise on that front. However, i didn"t suppose it come go fairly so far take things rather so seriously.

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With this episode, we get the formal advent of Yukana"s gal girlfriend Ranko, the deeply-tanned girl we witnessed briefly in the first two episodes. She"s described as a “spray-on gal,” which could be a technically accurate translation however that"s an awkward means to put it. Besides, that doesn"t even seem specific for the character, because a flashback implies that Ranko has always been the tan. (She either began her ganguro look really young or the collection is assuming the the gals simply look that method naturally.) if Yukana was simply playing at being the stereotypical promiscuous and aggressive girl, Ranko goes after Junichi full-bore, overwhelming him through the struggle between his ardent desire to lose his virginity and a commitment come his new girlfriend that"s already solid enough surprise also him. While the engages in some fantasies around the situation very first – and also who might blame that – his conscience at some point wins the end over his libido, and also he insists that he"s not so desperate for sex that he would certainly betray Yukana come screw who he doesn"t even like.

That part was relatively expected, due to the fact that Junichi has already shown the he doesn"t have the exact same one-track-mind together his friends. What ns wasn"t rather expecting was Ranko"s factors for seducing him; she"s an extremely possessive the Yukana, and also she isn"t around to let any guy place a finger top top her, even if that way having sex v him herself. She"s most likely in love with Yukana herself, i beg your pardon isn"t miscellaneous she deserve to be open about since Yukana has plainly demonstrated the she isn"t interested. The irreversible upshot of this is the she"s no liable to be one of Junichi"s harem babes, yet she"ll hang roughly because she desires to be through his girlfriend instead. This kind of an equipment has absolutely been provided in harem anime prior to (see Steel point of view Kurumi and also Nyarko-san: another Crawling Chaos, among others), but I don"t think I"ve watched it excellent in a while, and also it"s tackled far more aggressively below than elsewhere. This raises the possibility of more interesting potential dynamics under the road and permits the obligatory “girl emotion up girl” fanservice to take on a new meaning.

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The finish result, specifically the episode"s last shot that makes the class rep"s interest in Junichi explict, doesn"t readjust the series" steady trend toward standard harem antics. However, many thanks to the method this illustration was handled, the series is at the very least showing a little more promise.