I'm continuing this weekly thread to spark a Dub vs. Sub war in case Dub only viewers (like myself) desire to proceed discussing the series weekly. Below fans, feel cost-free to rewatch the episode and join us! and also come to establish the superiority of the English Dub!

Edit: Finally determined how to do the message pop making use of hashtags! now we're totally an official discussion thread, guys!


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Remember: Anything the hasn't occurred in the anime is a spoiler. If you desire to talk about things the haven't occurred yet in the anime, you re welcome flair the write-up as "Manga Spoilers".

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Nah your absolutely not alone. There space a the majority of us out there (well, me and 3 friends of mine are dub onlies in ~ the very least). Unfortunately, these more than likely will not end up being a sticky as lot as I'd love the to happen. Subsommos.nets have only 1-2 sticky slots depending on how popular they are, and they require them to promote new subbed episodes and manga chapters.

The illustration needed around 100% less Mineta.

The rooms to be neat, tho. Tokoyami's was around exactly as i would have actually imagined. Down to the prop sword.

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